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    Thumbs up Interested in Elitist PVP Guild for SWTOR?

    Jedi Academy, originated in 2003 as a multi-gaming community. Has set the simple goal of being #1 in any game we play and has had a 100% success record for 8 years. Our sights are set on SWTOR as our next step in complete PvP dominance. Only the best will be accepted into our ranks. Period.

    If interested in applying, visit us @ http://www.swtor.com/guilds/18801/jedi-academy

    Yes, we are republic. Yes, we are move evil then any and all Sith. A detailed application will be mandatory followed by an appointment for a vent interview. Goodluck. We Accept 4% of all our applicants and have over 200 members currently. We plan to dominate on every aspect of the PVP front.

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    There's a guild thread stickied already

    My SWTOR guild: www.radguild.com
    USA West Coast PvP server: The Bastion
    Get your Game of Thrones on at Winteriscoming.net

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