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    Dominion: Yay or nay?

    Now that we have had Dominion for a little more than a week, I thought I would ask you guys what you think about it.

    I personally love Dominion. It has little snowball effect, meaning a bad start does not hamper you the entire game; it has fast-paced action; it does not take very long, meaning a time limited guy like me can get a game once in a while; and I like getting big items quickly. :P

    What do you think?
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    Don't like it. It's exactly like AB, and unfortunately, the mentality of "ZERG EVERYWHERE WITH 4 PEOPLE" has carried over.

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    Why is there no ''Its ok, I suppose.'' Option?

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    I love Dominion, i think it's a nice change from summoners rift. You aren't necessarily stuck in one location and the games are rather fast. The only things i find i dislike about it is the randoms that decide kills are the most important factor, or that a person dc'ing through or throughout the entire game can hinder your team more than in summoners rift.
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    I prefer it to summoners rift, but i think i prefer treeline over it.
    Dominion is a big zergy, and whilst it is more skill/tactic based, I find myself getting worse at the other game modes, the more I play it, due to just basically zerging for the kill.
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    Yay! o/
    I love it, fast gameplay and with a GOOD team is great fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kilidan View Post
    Why is there no ''Its ok, I suppose.'' Option?
    "Do I have to choose? :/"

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    my friends list has become lively since dominion, so yay for me.

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    meh miss read the tittle tought it was about pizza ;(

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    Quote Originally Posted by arceuid View Post
    my friends list has become lively since dominion, so yay for me.
    As has my ignore list

    It seems to bring out the idiots in everyone.
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    I to have had my Ignore List expanded quite a bit because of the new game type. I do like it when it is a full 5v5 match-up I have had games that were sub 8 minutes long and I've won a game that took a total of 28:37, that has been my longest to date. All I can say about the game type is that it's fun when you have people that know how to play it.

    In my solo queuing of dominion I have had a person that didn't even know how to capture a point, he would just stand there and let the turret attack him no matter how many times I told him to just right click on the tower. Another person in the same game would just run around trying to stay speed buffed from the shrines the whole time. Due to this I've started to only queue for dom if I have a group of 3 or more, it's just more fun when you play with people who know team dynamics.

    TL;DR: Dom is fun except when you get one of "those" people...

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    I don't like it, running from tower to tower just gets boring and there's never any epic 5v5 team fights

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    I enjoy it more then summoner's rift but there's less strategy involved,well from the normal random games I've played so far.

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    Its meh. Unless you have 5 coordinated people its a huge messy zergfest where people don't know what minimap is

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    I love Dominion personally, AB was my favorite BG in WoW so it carried over to Dominion. Playing as Rumble on this map is so much fun!

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    I don't really like it that much. It's shorter, so if I just want to do a quick game and don't have time for a normal game, then I'll play it. But I'd rather play Summoner's Rift.

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    I love the shorter game time and how fast paced it is, otherwise I prefer Summoners Rift. Idk, I need to give it more time though i suppose.

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    Terrible in my opinion.

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    Bad teams frustrate me even more in Dominion, actually.

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    I prefer SR over Dominion unless I have limited time and want a quicker match.

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