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    I main Trynd in the jungle.

    I can also jungle as Noc quite well, and I've been messing around with Shaco.

    I also did very well with Trundle last season. I'm decent with Xin, it would be better if he wasn't nerfed.
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    Warriors viable in multiple comps? lolno. Any high rated warrior falls under the following;
    1) wintraded.
    2) very high mmr at the start of the season, so they fought their way to glad at 5 am vs 2k teams.
    3) has their connections from previous seasons carry their class.
    Also, we most certainly weren't the most op in S9. Dk's were a better warrior in every aspect. Thanks for trying though.

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    Favorite doesn't have to mean good, does it? Jungle Evelynn is pretty funny, what with people jumping into games with Smite/Revive and getting killed by Blue as part of their route. Always gets some kind of comment.

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    Maokai is my favourite, I love his ganks and counter jungling. Although ganks can screw you if the enemy flashes while you're W'ing to them and you end up in turret range. :C

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    As few I like Fiddlesticks, Shaco and Maokai.

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    I play Fiddle in jungle, he's by far the most interesting jungler to play. He has the best ganking potential thanks to his massive damage and his ultimate's mini-flash, but is also the easiest jungler to shut down due to his squishiness. I find the rest of the junglers pretty boring, i mean they're all beefy ADs with some sort of speedbuff or gap closer, Fiddle is so much more fun; hide in bush, go CAWCAWCAWCAWCAW then fear then drain -> double kill

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    ima have to go with GP and noc as my backup. if i cant get either one it would be tryn for teh luls spin out of nowere and just bam bam crit people.

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    Kayle is my main in the jungle, Yorick occasionally, a bit of Lee Sin, a pinch of Karma, and some Riven. Always wanted to try out oriana's jungle and the karthus jungle, just never got around to em :/

    Oh and twitch, gotta love that Twitch jungle.

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    warwick,amumu and sometimes if the lane is too hard for me i jungle with trynda
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    Amumu, Nocturne and Lee Sin.

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    Trundle is the only jungler I can use, I love him tho!

    The bigger they are, the harder I hit'em

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    Udyr is the king of the jungle.

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