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    Some Help For my DK transmog

    Im kinda running out of weapons that i personally think are cool that my DK could use so im trying to find some new perspective, ive pretty much have all the epic quality weapons from vanilla/BC that i want/could use and some of the cool looking blues from BC (such as Axe of the Nexus-Kings, or Reaver of the Infinites) so im pretty much just looking for some more opinions of what weapons ppl think are cool pref they can be used by DKs

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    citidel enforcers claymore, Bryntroll, the Bone Arbiter, or Ramaladni's Blade of Culling... my favoute weapons to use during wrath. I just feel they have the death knight feel to them, problem is we duno what weapons will fit the T13, unless you have that sorted atm?
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    You don't have to Transmorg everything the first day it becomes available. If you're having trouble figuring out what look you want, just go with standard looks until you get something that makes you say, "I really hate to lose this model when I upgrade" then use that to Transmorg your next item.

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    Quel'delar is a must-have (it even has Blue runes on it, mimicking the Runeblades used by the Death Knights of Warcraft 3)

    Quel'serrar is not a bad alternative either.

    Bryntroll is a must-have too (Weapon made of bones, matches PERFECTLY with an unholy DK, and since hte bones are blue and exuming frosty mist, they also match for frost DKs)

    Last but not least, if you are horde, the lvl 60 pvp 2handed sword is great for Blood Dks

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    I would get Demise from naxxramas, the rehash from might of menethil

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    Ive always been a fan simply of the DK starting sword. If your a raider, the Heroic version of Zoid's Firelit Greatsword is just beautiful.

    Tyrannical Beheader dropped from Tyrannis in Pit of Saron is a nice axe, if you dont have Shadow's Edge or happen to been lucky/unlucky enough to turn it legendary.
    Nighttime from Forge of Souls is my perferred 1-handed axe right now.

    For a 2-handed mace, I like the one from ZG. Its simple, and looks like an actual mace, unlike the other maces that usually look like god knows what.

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    Armageddon. The best 2H sword.

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    There is already a thread regarding this kind of thing were you can ask questions, you can find it here:


    This thread should meet your needs quite well

    Although I will lock this now to keep the discussions focused on that one thread.

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