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    When do you think 1.9 is coming out?

    I am hoping it comes out early next week. Nothing to do right now because I don't want to start building something new when I am wiping the server soon as 1.9 comes out.

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    My guess is somewhere in the next 3 weeks and thats kinda pulling it out to much as i guess there is a lot of work to do befor the Launch patch.

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    2 to 3 weeks hopefully. the more bug-free it is, the happier i am!

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    I would say a week and half. The current pre-release is actually very stable, I haven't found any bugs at all though I'm sure there are some. The only bad part is the sharp lack of mods =(

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    I'm sure the mods availability will rocket once it comes out :-D

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    I'd say next week. I think they're planning on releasing another pre-release next week. They've already said they're splitting it up (again), so my guess is that they'll get a few of the current things done and then release it and start working on 1.10.
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    I'd say the Pre-release 2 will likely be leaked this Fri the 30th, giving people the time to discover bugs over the weekend and may officially release the following week around the 5th-7th of Oct if they manage to repair most of whatever bugs that'd cause some major issues on the second pre-release.

    Though I could be way off

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    too soon! that's when it's coming out! I just managed to fix everything that broke when I got 1.8

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    Hopefully soon. I want to start a server but I also want to wait until 1.9 hits before I do so

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    I'd say about a month or so. Given it's already in prerelease, it could come out sooner than later, but Notch and Jeb have mentioned a few times on Twitter some stuff they are adding/working on, so we could see a bit more content before the release. So I'll say a month.
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    Pre-release 2 is out and the brewing system/enchantments will be for the next patch after 1.9.

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    Probally around the 15th of October. The game is still set to launch in November IIRC. So im guessing the launch patch will be 2.0.

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    hopefully a solid month from now or so, trying to enjoy some custom maps before everything involved with them breaks...again.

    these ones where you're constantly assaulted by monsters are a lot harder without a form of instant healing,though I heard mention of potions being added.

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    What will the next update give us to play with?

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