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    Favorite Minecraft Video

    This has to be my favorite!

    What's yours?

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    Wow, thats an awesome video. ive never seen it.

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    My favorites are the Yogscast series! http://www.youtube.com/user/BlueXephos
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    This one is pretty well made: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJsMNjp_JFA
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    Mine is the Survival Island series from the Yogscast. It really got me into this game. Before those vids I thought Minecraft was for basement dwellers that spend their free time on building replicas of the Starship Enterprise. No offense..

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    this is mine by far
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    Quote Originally Posted by RaZz0r View Post

    this is mine by far
    Love it so much.

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    this, probably because I remember personal frustration on those "super hostile" maps. It was always so tempting...just use the dye. o_O

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    I like the Revenge by captain sparklez and the TnT song but this wins tbh:

    I know its not technicaly in minecraft but it still counts

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    Quite like the Yoggscast stuff, not watched anything else though, so no comparisons.

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    Nthing the love for the Yoggscast, even if Simon's 'awww' makes my ears bleed.

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    The Legend of Hobo is not here yet? WHAT IS THIS?? I HAVE TO FIX THIS CHAOS AT ONCE!

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    This has to be my favourite after the Creeper Revenge vid,

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    This is so awesome And I love the soundtrack ^^

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    Not really a favorite, but I felt like linking it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sne View Post

    This is so awesome And I love the soundtrack ^^
    this is definitely amazing!

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