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    Ultimate Mfing Class / spec

    Hey guys! I was wondering what you guys think will be the ultimate Mfing class, kinda like the hammerdin/lite sorc in D2. Let me know what you think and post if you have an already made Mfing char/build!

    I am currently stilll building mine will post soon!

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    Ideally, none of them will be the best at it. Tele should be much less important in a game not focused entirely on boss rushes.

    AoE builds in general should be good for it though.

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    I doubt we'll any single class/build be much better for mf'ing like d2 (hello any sorc or hammerdin). People won't be able to teleport straight to bosses anymore and all classes scale with weapon damage making all classes much more even in terms of gear requirements. (in d2 barbs or any other melee/physical dmg dealer were generally too gear dependent for mf'ing as substituting core items for mf items resulted in much lower killing power)

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    I think they were talking about balancing it out so there aint any specific location that yields that much better loot over another, wanted to expand the grinding areas.

    On which class will be the best at mashing things with low damage gear? Time will tell.

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    Whatever survives and kills the fastest in inferno, most likely. I'm putting my money on the juggernaut of a barbarian, for now, until we see otherwise.

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    I mean survivability wise there could be lots of different forms for that but i feel like demon hunter could be pretty low, while barbarian and monk pretty high up there

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    I'mma go with Wizard just because it seems likely. Ranged damage dealer so you can dodge nukes, no melee hits, hard hitting and teleport if shit hits the fan. - Various games streamed from time to time!

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    The barbarian is the only (I think) class, that has specific runes that alter drop-rates.

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    I think the idea is that you can farm any section of the hardest difficulty for the same MF chance, so likely there will be grinding, but each class/build should have an area where they can perform better than others, and will be able to just grind that. I think the popular 'grind' locations/builds will be where the most keen decide might be a good spot and write a guide for it.

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    Well they said their intention is to make playing in groups the best/fastest way to mf... and I hope that turns out to be true. Would be a very welcome change from d2 solo lonelyville grinding.
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    We have no idea which class will be the strongest in Inferno, up to that level (or Hell) all classes will be able to zerg the content. Starting from Hell OP classes and builds will shine more and more.

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    Its too early and too limited atm to conjecture which class will be the more effective in this regard. Too many unknown variables which include as well modifications to classes before and after release. D2 what was best changed alot before LoD expansion came out and changed as well after it more than a few times.

    I'd say for the current term, pick a class that you can stand to play through to inferno no matter the effectivity first as having 1 up there makes it that much easier to get other one's up there exponentially faster if you find its not the most effective for your goals.

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    Any class that have this will win. My vote are the wizard's disintegrate.
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    Best MF class seems to be the barb, from what I have seen it's the only class who has runes that add magic find or more drops to skills.

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    While I have not played Beta yet I will go with what a few others have said thus far. Based on the trees & I would guess Barbarians.

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    Looks like barbarian so far. I'm still going with my spellcaster.

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    barbs can technically get the highest Magic Find just like in D2. If they're better and faster that's a whole different story.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Notarget View Post
    barbs can technically get the highest Magic Find just like in D2. If they're better and faster that's a whole different story.
    yep, maybe a MF barb can survive inferno with 3 very well built chars to support him.

    they get em low barb smacks em once or twice...

    it would still be faster to have a group as a whole have 'tolerable' magic find, and 4 people who can nuke stuff

    if you kill stuff x% faster, but have x% less MF, and it also depends on how MF is calculated, i had WAY more luck with my eternity \ nova sorc, with just 300 some odd MF from gear gheeds and a few 7mfsc's, than i did with my pure mf blizz sorc. who had somewhere around 1k overall.

    killing stuff 5x faster, with 4x or so less mf, speeds it up very nicely.
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    Well you will need to absolutely not die while MFing in hardcore, I doubt anyone will be concerned with "MF" builds/classes as opposed to just tearing up inferno in groups of 4.

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    I'd bet that the tankiest will be the initial set of farmers{barbarian}, and the squishies will be the fastest {Monk/Sorc}. I can't imagine WD ever being #1 farmer due to how slow they are innately.

    Barbarians I imagine will be strong but slow, for obvious reasons. They are meant to be tanky, and have a fair amount of mobility. They do have to be upclose and personal, and if D2 is any indication{Which it really isn't}, This can be a sever disadvantage. No chance to avoid projectiles, little response time to..well anything. I see these guys finding certain areas they can farm with ease - and sticking to it. I've already seen some monsters who pretty much make barbarians unplayable{to me}.

    I know little to nothing of monk. No comment there. Sorcs though are where my money is. They have a ton of strong aoe, strong single target, and great survivability tools. I imagine these guys are going to be where the farming is at.

    WDs will probably have their place as well. Good crowd control - with pets, fears, and hex - seemingly good damage, along with very interesting builds that offers a ton of aoe damage, they seem to be constricted only by the smaller things - like I don't see them farming in areas with high fire resistance.

    DH will probably be in the middle. Good amount of range, fair amount of escape abilities, but they don't seem very tanky nor do they seem to have good boss farming abilities. I think these'll be your Hammerdins of D3 - Very strong in downing groups, but ...lacking in killing bosses prior to being fully geared.

    I put my money on DH & Sorcs, with WDs having their niche points to farm - and well geared barbarians being up there. I know jack about monks, so I reserve my opinion until I see them in action at lv 60.

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