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    Origin Customer Service for SWTOR

    Hi everyone, I ended up getting a Digital Deluxe version of SWTOR, then changing my mind. The problem is that I ended up wanting to cancel to get a normal version or collectors edition. However, Origin support is probably the worst I've seen. I can't get through to them via chat without a horrendous wait, and I can't find a number to call. So, while I have asked for them to cancel the order, it's still on the account and I've been waiting twenty minutes on the chat this time. Anyone have better ideas on how to reach them or have issues?

    Update: apparently you can use email if you go to ea's own support site. Current origin chat wait is over an hour.
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    Maybe this link from the forums would help ..


    Customer's Post:

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    How do I cancel my pre-order? | 08.31.2011 , 08:36 PM

    I pre-ordered a digital copy of SWTOR through Origin. I've decided I want to cancel my pre-order now.

    I went to Origin and went through the hassle of finding out how I'm supposed to cancel, but:

    "If you need to cancel your order, Contact Us..."

    Contact Us is a dead link. I go through the regular Contact Us links, and all it does is say no one is available to talk. There is no phone number, no email address.....nothing.

    I want to cancel my pre-order, and I have to do so through the site, but the site won't let me. Umm....???

    SWTOR Forum mods response:

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    09.01.2011 , 12:15 AM

    Hello! We’re sorry to hear you’re having trouble cancelling your order through Origin. Please visit store.origin.com and click on Customer Support at the top of the page, and they will be happy to assist you with your issue! Alternatively, you can reach Origin support by calling 1-855-ORIGIN-1 (1-855-674-4461) - phone support is available 7am-9pm CST (7 days a week).
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    Thank you !,!,

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    I hear that, I had to contact them to change my billing info (cancelled old card and got a new one) and was put through a 2-3 hr queue to talk to lady only to say that it couldn't be done.

    I had to re-purchase the game using my new CC which didn't show up in the origin's billing page, so I had to contact them again, another 2+hr wait only for the guy to tell me that it's a known problem and they're working on it. -_-
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