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    Comprehensive Wishlist going into BFA

    Hello everyone, whats cracking? I have posted this thread in official forums in EU but wanted to share it with you too. If you can support me at the official forums it would be much appreciated

    As a devoted DK player who plays WoW solely because of my DK, I found myself talking a lot about some of the ideas that I wish existed in the game regarding DKs during work with my fellow WoW player colleagues. Their positive feedback inspired me to share my thoughts with you and hopefully someone authorized to be able to pass them to the Dev/Designer team, so here I am.

    I have mixture of cosmetic/gameplay/fantasy ideas that I feel like it would make DK more exciting. I hope you all like it and please feel free to contribute with your ideas that you think would be epic with DK!

    • Why it would be awesome to have it


    Sindragosa's Fury(Frost Baseline):
    • Simply too epic to say goodbye to Sindy!

    Dark Stampede as ability
    • Four Horsemen on demand in combat! With their legion updated deathchargers of course!

    Hungering Rune Weapon(Frost Baseline)
    • Far too superior to Empower Rune Weapon both in terms of impact and fun/feel of it's usage. Dem obliterates doe!

    Super big Killing Machine damage with Camera tilt/shake animation
    • Rather than simply serving as Obliterate scaling, I would like to see this mechanic live up to it's name. A screen tilt would be epic to give a stunning feeling when used, pumping up the dopamine in our brains!

    Rime makes HB off-gcd
    • Insipred from the amazing and super exciting fire mage gameplay(Heating Up), I think this would give us a truly reactive Frost DK gameplay which was always been the trademark of the spec and shine even better on FDK compared to Fire Mage due to the epic snapping combat animation when using Rime proc. Who wouldn't want the Bloodlust Chromatic Anomaly Speed PHase appearing in our rotation from time to time?

    An actual Wraith Walk animation
    • I haven't forgotten that you said the WW animation was a placeholder blizz! C'mon give us that Reaper(OW) beauty that you have inteded in the first place

    Death's Advance active summons a combat Deathcharger!
    • Do I even need to talk about how epic that would be?

    Bone Shield uses variety of bones instead of Femur only
    • Would have been more realistic and epic tbh. A larger Bonestorm to distinguish it from our boneshield and add epicness to it would be even better. Something like D3 necromancer maybe?

    Consumption Hit Voice as Death Strike voice
    • Character's yell is something that I am not sure but I would like to feel that epic fleshy sound's rush everytime I use Death Strike. So much satisfaction!

    Pets serve more as debuff/buff to enemy/DK
    • Pet damage taking up a considerable portion in UH's damage makes me feel that UH dk alone is weak, uses dead ghouls to compensate it's weakness. Pet applying debuffs that increase DK's damage would make more sense to me

    Baseline Dark transformation pet, kill pet to gain massive damage buff!
    • supporting the above idea that I have. This would certainly attract players who dislike pets to UH, giving a petless moment that they would enjoy.

    Death Coil applies virulent plague, Outbreak is gone
    • UH can benefit from a FDK treatment in regards to it's dot. UH takes alot of GCD to open and maintain,
    • this would be an amazing QoL change for the players. Of course Virulent Plague will keep spreading when applied like it is now.

    More Plaguebringer, Less Acne Popping
    • Festering Wounds felt awkward to me. I think UH's kit is overloaded with much better directions than adding relatively weak to fulfill the fantasy of the class

    Pvp Talent Reanimation as Baseline
    • That is such a cool thing to have.
    • I would have love to see it happening in PVE too, how about just get rid of the festering wounds and make scourge strike consume the soul fragments and use the collected fragments to summon a reanimated undead that will explode on enemy?

    The Shambler(UH baseline)
    • Very similar to the one above. Giving some player interaction would be lovely too.

    UH as a Ranged Necromancer/Plaguebringer
    • Inspired from the CLawing Shadows talent,this would have been interesting and so much fun to play imo! A Plate channeler that has siphoning attacks from range that summons multiple dead monstrosities and plays around the epidemic of his/her plagues.

    An improved version of Epidemic(UH baseline)
    • Dots are a big part of DK and this is the only interaction that DK has with their dot's aside from applying them. Would have been lovely that our death coil keeps adding stacks of virulent plague and when we reach to a certain point we create an epidemic out of that target that will flare up the diseases in the area!

    Quote Originally Posted by nathrizarri View Post
    I have uploaded my first update to official forum and let me share here with you guys too!


    Thassarian style face tattoos etc

    • Comparing to DHs we have no customization options at all! I have always wanted to be able to have tattoos of Thassarian since this character's design is heavily inspired by him.
    • Korgaz Deadaxe in orderhall has his eyes carved.
    • Lady Alistra has red eyes.

    Updated and better eyeglow
    • We get to see some amazing eyeglow VFXs for DKs in the helmets but there is no option to get for our base skin. That moment when Priest Nighthold Mythic tier has better eye glow than us I would like to have an eyeglow similar to the LK, it would be so cool. It exists in our tier helmets, why not the base character?

    Shadowmourne transmog with ICC timewalking

    • The nostalgia is strong in me when I think about Shadowmourne. Days of me trying to pug ICC without knowing that there are guilds who do it on a regular schedule and staring jelaously to the few people that has the chance to wield Shadowmourne.. Make it happen blizz..

    Better Purgatory animation

    • Such a cool ability yet lacks the WOW factor when you go in. A Black/Grey Blood Boil aura around the character and Whole character effected by a massive Black Shade maybe?
    • Quote from a friend:Was thinking about your spirit leaving your body when that triggers, the body "dying" and you fight in ghost form. If you manage to heal the damadge you regain your body, and if not your spirit disipates. What would be cool is that you could maybe add glyphs that would change the appearance of your ghost while in Purgatory (if they decide to make it baseline).

    Weapon Sheathing options

    • I never liked the idea that my weapons were sheathed at my hips and dancing around when I move. Blood elfs are the only one that has good hip sheathing. I have made countless in-game suggestions about sheathing change for 1 handers and blizz made a minor tweak that made swords sheath more realistically. But I believe having them sheathed as Assasination Rogue style, on the edges of shoulder instead of the middle of the back would be AMAZING!! Just give us options and player can decide what suits for him.

    Arthas style, torn cape around the shoulders

    • BFA reveals hints that the TRUE capes are coming, the ones that wrap around the shoulder and cover the upper arm, a better/bigger filling of the back. I am SUPER EXCITED about it!!!!
    • Just imagine having something very similar to Arthas' cape!!

    Icebound Fortitude animation update:Heroes of the Storm Arthas version

    • If you haven't seen it, just log in to HOTS and get to try arthas and pick icebound fortitude from talents. IT HAS ICICLES AND FROST ON HIS ARMOR WHEN ACTIVATED!! This is a MUST HAVE in WoW!

    Soul theme to Frost
    • My long waited wish that never got back after being removed from alpha legion. I would love to see frost using souls! I hope we lose floating swords around us in BFA and get blue souls spinning around us as Soul Reaper and exploding onto the enemy. It already exists in the GAME!!! OMG even the thought if it gives me goosebumbs

    Gathering Storm rework

    • I love the idea that RW deals more dmg, but I think runes spent during it should increase give an explosion after it ends. Live version is sustained dmg, I would like to see that talent making RW a burst would fit better to FDK imo. As much as I LOOOVE having RW up more, it gets tiring after awhile to have constantly on your character.

    Quote Originally Posted by nathrizarri View Post
    2nd UPDATE!!

    Frost Mastery increases Crit Obli dmg instead of flat Frost dmg
    • I do not find mastery on my DK exciting by any means. Flat % increase, so boring. Both my crit/haste give my more KM procs, since it is so much of the center of the build, I would like to see mastery strengthening this relationship even further by giving us bigger crit numbers on Obliterate. This will automatically fix obliterate's fall off as the expansion proceeds and make frost more "hit big" which i believe is it's identity.

    Unholy mastery increases Disease Dmg
    • Diseases are the trademark of the UH yet they don't feel impactful at all. This and more talents like Epidemic will certainly add a sweet depth to UH that currently lacks.

    Unstoppable abomination!
    • DKs should be immobile/yet unstoppable. I had no instance in legion where my "low" mobility was an issue, apart from whoring my damage with BoS which I shouldn't be doing in the first place. I would like to keep Ice in your Veins from Frost Artifact as baseline for all specs and make each rune spent reduce the CD of Icebound Fortitude with no speed boosting ability but %10 faster base movement speed. I think it will work great!

    New voices
    • Oh man this has been a major downside for me for a long time. Our voice pales before Mograine/Thassarian.. It shouldn't take that much of development resources to produce such deserved thing

    Horn of Winter rework, updated animation/sound
    This ability fits better as a group CD rather than a simple Rune/RP gain. How about giving permafrost(talent) to the party just like Consumption's Leech for 20 seconds, 1-2 minute cd as baseline for all specs? Also, I WANT THAT HORN LOOK/SOUND TO BE EPIC!!
    Sindragosa's Fury to have Arthas' kneel animation from WOTLK trailer/HOTS ultimate
    • No explanations required, just give me. Make me channel for 1.5 sec and immune to cc while channeling.

    That is it for today guys, I will keep adding more when I come up with different ideas. Hope you liked it and had fun while reading it, cheers bb!

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    A little more mobility
    Dark Sim back to baseline abilities
    Sindragosa Fury must stay!

    Not much else, I think DK is one of the most fun classes in Legion.

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    Return of 2h Frost as compensation for us having to dual wield toothpicks this expansion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wildberry View Post
    Return of 2h Frost as compensation for us having to dual wield toothpicks this expansion.
    2H Frost is most likely never coming back.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RuneDK View Post
    2H Frost is most likely never coming back.
    Probably not, which is extraordinarily depressing. Apparently our class fantasy is being permanently hamstrung rogues. We rp walk up to mobs and unleash a quick barrage of strikes. Feels totally like a Death Knight.

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    I think you are a bit off on the Unholy changes. It is one of the most fun, rewarding, in-depth specs to play in the game right now, it really doesn't need much changing. If I had to make some wishes for Unholy:

    1. Keep all the things that let an Unholy DK summon extra ghouls.

    Basically keep Apocalypse as an Unholy DK ability and take the T20 4-piece set bonus and bake it into the spec. Those two basically come down to Unholy feeling like a much better spec when you have all those ghouls running around smacking stuff. I suspect the first will happen, the latter won't because they probably won't want to break an old set. I suspect if they just replaced the T20 4-piece with a boring placeholder instead (Your ghouls do 5% more damage) or something like that not a single Unholy DK would complain.

    2. Revamp Unholy AoE and disease spreading.

    Unholy AoE has a bunch of clunky stuff going on. It is tied to a fixed spot which doesn't really work all that well with any sort of movement, it has a cludgy ramp up that you can work around but the workarounds aren't that great. You have to spend two runes (and two GCDs) on Outbreak then Death and Decay to get the AoE rolling, yes you can work around add spawn timers to get those cast just before the adds appear but often you then end up with a single rune left for one scourge strike and the adds are all dead or moved on before you have more not to mention that having to waste 1.5 seconds of your 10 second AoE ability by pre-casting it never feels satisfying. You can work with it but to me at least it always felt more annoying than fun. There is also the issue that Death and Decay feels like a signature Blood DK ability and, while it doesn't feel misplaced as part of the Unholy arsenal, it would probably be nice to just let Blood have that ability as its own.

    To improve the situation I would replace Death and Decay with the old Unholy Blight for Unholy DKs. Unholy Blight was a cloud of flies AoE effect that moved with the DK and spread diseases to everyone it hit (not too unlike Remoreseless Winter but it spread diseases too). Outbreak could then lose its Outbreak effect that constantly spreads diseases and become just a single target ability to spread Virulent Plague at range and pull single mobs. So the AoE becomes a single rune, moves with the DK and spreads diseases as it goes, the cleave effect on scourge strike they could just move over to cleave enemies inside Unholy Blight.

    3. Just a tiny nudge of extra mobility.

    I'm ok with DKs having lower mobility, some class has to I guess. Just needs a little nudge and that would be it. I would say two things, make it so Wraith Walk doesn't cancel when you damage a mob (if they are worried about the PvP implications of that then let it still cancel when you hit another player) and bring back the old Unholy Presence move speed buff as a passive movement speed increase when out of combat so that it is a little less painful to keep up in instances.

    That's basically all I would change, make AoE a little more reliable and thematic, keep the ghoul spam and a tiny nudge of extra mobility, other than that Unholy is a great place and really doesn't need many changes. I certainly wouldn't be looking to simplify the spec, it just plays so well as it is, juggling runic power, runes and wound stacks is just a very fun and involving way to play.
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    Replace Wraith Walk with Death's Advance.

    Other than that I don't really have much too add. I think Frost is pretty cool already, Unholy really fits the Class Fantasy and Blood seems to work well.

    I doubt it will ever happen but having DK's permanently mounted would be a cool cosmetic idea. Don't even have to move fast, I just think of WC3 Death Knight's and I think mounted. Was rather depressing seeing Paladin's get Charger in Legion and DK's getting crap walk.

    RIP The Mythic Dream

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    Blood wishes:

    • Passive mobility (10-15%) or a rework for Wraithwalk. Not keeping up with the group in dungeons is always a problem, especially since you're supposed to run ahead as the tank. The legendary boots helped a bit, but they're not coming back.
    • Boneshield doesn't trigger off DoT effects. If a physical DoT is supposed to be mitigated, flag it accordingly. I'm still mad about EN Cenarius...
    • Move Bonestorm to a different tier or make it base-line. Having it compete with pure single-target talents is not a good idea.
    • Rework talent rows 3 and 4. Anti-Magic Barrier, Blood Tap, Mark of Blood and Tombstone are so weak right now nobody ever specs into them except by mistake.

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    +1 for 2h frost. Fond memories of obliterate actually obliterating.

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    Quote Originally Posted by docterfreeze View Post
    +1 for 2h frost. Fond memories of obliterate actually obliterating.
    Sign me up for that as well. For that exact reason, in fact.

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    make all specs 1h or 2h weapons.

    and yes plz keep sindy's fury baseline for frost.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cuafpr View Post
    make all specs 1h or 2h weapons.
    This might actually happen, as long as they can compensate for the loss of Razorice on your OH. The rest is just number-tweaks they can roll into another "Threat of Thassarian" talent. And even if one style does 5% more damage it'd still be fine for the majority of players who prefer style over min-maxing too much.

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    Bring back blood dps spec..
    Hook 'till you're hooked!

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    I was honestly in the middle of typing out a long list of things, but then I remembered I wrote an essay on this nearly a year ago. Included is a breakdown of what kind of changes I'd like to see to the Unholy rotation (particularly with regards to returning to its roots as the "slow, reliable" spec), artifact (which is outdated now), pet synergy, and the talent tree.
    Oh, and a replacement to Wraith Walk too.

    But to add a couple extra notes:

    • Baseline utility. Just spotted that they datamined a "Thoughtsieze" effect that is basically just Spellsteal crossed with Dark Simulacrum. While I appreciate the return of Glyph of Icy Touch, I don't appreciate the return of Dark Simulacrum (which was notorious for either being useless since it only worked on effects others could interrupt and prevent you from benefiting from, or for being gamebreaking in like 4 scenarios in Cata to the point where our DPS was dependent on it), nor am I looking forward to competing with every Mage in the group every time something casts a buff. Just give us another utility baseline, like AMZ or Gorefiend's Grasp.
      (Yes, I'm aware I set them up as a talent tier in the blog entry, but that's honestly more of a backup - you could just as easily see that tier replaced with something for resource generation. I never liked the concept MoP and WoD pushed about choosing between utility and personal survival, but whether it's a tier full of utilities or a baseline one, at least you'll always have one.)
    • Briefly touched on in the blog entry: A return to Unholy as the reliable spec with sustained damage, with Frost as the bursty and reactive spec. However, in addition to these, Unholy should have greater emphasis on AoE and cleave scenarios (both in burst and sustained combat) while Frost should return to its Merciless Combat roots with some Execution options.
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    More mobility please - that or make our DOTS worth something so we can DPS while trying to get out of instadeath boss mechanics. Bring back necroblight build from WOD - that spec rocked it

    I have sadly stopped playing my DK this xpac after getting to 110 first. Its been a huge downward slide and thats a bummer, because he was my main (as UH) since they were introduced.
    And shepherds we shall be...

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    I don't have a lot of wishes, but one HUGE one

    1) return of Blood DPS
    2) 2h frost option, or at very least, allow all 1h weapons to sheath on the back or hip as the player desires
    3) Sindragosa's Fury baseline for frost

    In both "fun" and ability, blood and frost are the best they have been since ICC, so I really don't see too much to complain about.

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    Frost needs to become 2hand again. Now weapon drops are back i would like to use the same one for all 3 specs, will save alot of bother not having to get two shitty toothpicks

    Blizzard stated they want classes to bring more utility so I'm not sure why we are getting a spellsteal when we have grips already but hey, why complain about getting new abilities.

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    Looks like Frost Breath and Consumption will stay but Apocalypse will be gone.

    Also why not keep the passive 15% move speed from DA, now that we're losing the move speed option from legendaries.

    And looking at the new weapon damage/spell rations sound like auto attacks will again be meaningful.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Khain View Post
    Looks like Frost Breath and Consumption will stay but Apocalypse will be gone.
    Just curious where this comes from. Was it mentioned somewhere by Blizzard or is it just from data mining which abilities are still there on the ptr?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khain View Post
    Looks like Frost Breath and Consumption will stay but Apocalypse will be gone.
    I've seen absolutely nothing to indicate this. WoWhead even shows that the damage value of Apocalypse was changed, and it's still in the tuning passives attached to each spec.
    Leviatharan - Level 110 Blood Elf Unholy Death Knight - Inscription/Herbalism - <Conflux> - Drak'Tharon US

    Now author of Morbid Musings, a blog dedicated to DK theorycraft. Ish.

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