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    without helm

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    Here's mine. Nothing too fancy.

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    I like my new xmog set. Armory's showing me with my 2H equipped even though I'm running with an 1h axe and sword (axe is transmogged to axe of rin'ji and the sword is the one from Kael in H MGT)

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    My transmog is not very original but I like the look. I used T10 prior to this and didn't really like it. So I went old school and used the DK starter gear. The mace is Oxheart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zealtek View Post
    without helm

    would you please mind giving me the list of items you used please? I've been always looking for a dk alpha set from wotlk alpha, heres mine http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...%a0re/advanced
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    People complain that catering to the 1% of players for (mythic) raids is atrocious.

    981 page thread about wanting Blizzard to cater to less 1% of the player base is downright giggle worthy.

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    I liked the idea of red and black. Im still not 100% satisfied with my helm, as the red and black is more of a silver-black and maroon... but still, I do like the over all set. I was always a big fan of old school vanilla plate looks

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    kcolraWertex does anyone know what set this guy is using? looks pretty insane

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    Quote Originally Posted by Borab View Post
    kcolraWertex does anyone know what set this guy is using? looks pretty insane
    It's not actually a set, but just pieces that look good together. Wowhead has a whole database of transmog sets - try searching through them:



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    T12 HC + Soul Cleaver

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    Going with this atm. Kinda like the mix between the set and the 5man shoulders. Picture this with the Tol Barad tabard. (Horde one) Mainly made for a blood DK.
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    here is what im sitting on for my DPS set for the moment, my tank set is the lv 70 troll plate with the BWL axe.
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    I'm trying to wrap my head around the meat leaking part. What kind of podunk shop sells meat in packaging that's just leaking blood and shit everywhere.

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    Here is my DK...wish they made it so we can change poses again on the armory page. Unless there is a way and I just don't see it lol.
    But it's the ICC normal tier set with the 2H axe from C'Thun the blinking eye is so pro lol


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    I think I've got the finishing touches on my DK now and am very happy with how he turned out

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    here goes...
    a mixture of greens, crafted 60ties, 70ties, 80ties & 85 epics

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    Since I got some drops and stuff I revamped my outfits a bit.

    Blood Tank Outfit
    bronze 5man DS Dungeon Look
    guild tabard since I lack the fitting breastplate
    featuring deathy, oldschool lvl 60 Zin'rokh
    and the invisiblegreen DK starter belt
    Unholy DpS Outfit
    Tier 10, 25 man normal shoulder + chest + gloves
    invisible green starter belt + legs + feet
    whooping a raid finder colored gurth (blue <3 )
    and my cute lil KT that matches my eye-color :P

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