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    Naxx 10man Achievement Run

    I'm wanting to do an achievement run for Naxx 10man and want comments on what the minimum numbers/classes would be for a not-so-painful run.

    Would 1 tank, 2 range dps, 1 melee and 1 healer be sufficient?

    Assume that all chars would be around 350-370 ilvl

    Bonus points awarded for answering the same question for 25man

    (Edit: I'm talking about ALL achievements. Not just boss kills)
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    you can use that comp for 25 man basically. myself and a death knight two manned everything minus horsemen where we brought a ranged in for that. balance druid(me)/dk/mage

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    minimum for 10 man?, I will say 3-4 (but 4 horseman can be hellish) no need of tank, only 1 healer

    minimum for 25?, I will say 1 tank, 2 heal and 5-6 dps (but not sure for this one)

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    I should have made it more obvious - I'm talking about ALL achievements. Not just boss kills.


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    Me and some friend did this some time ago, we where 5 if I remember well (witch is ways more then require)

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    After doing them all on 25 man, I would say Patchwerk is the only fight where you get hit hard (if you don't have 2 tanks, because then melee soak hatefuls and it hits for like 40k every 2 seconds or something) other than that it's just burning and not standing in void zones (KT) and LoSing the bomb on Sapp.

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    We did the 25m in 7 people with 1 healer 1 tank and some casters, only place we had problems was again 4h since we were doing the achivement and we called in a second healer, thaddius was kinda interesting since we had me (as mage) tanking one of the adds but went fine since I got healed back up every second switch. We didn't do the spore loser tho (I had it and was the only one there for achives) but it shouldn't be any problems will just take a while.
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    We cleared it easily on 10-man with 4 people, two of them fully PvP geared (shaman scrub doing 6k DPS). It's just Instructor that can be a bit boring since you'll overaggro the adds easily and therefore have to keep the DPS down. 4HM-achievement we did in under 2 minutes I think, was probably the easiest one.

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    Imo for 25m I would say you need 2 healers (or at least some1 able to be able to throw an offheal) for KT. If the healer gets tombed they can still die as its a 26%hp dmg per sec for 4 sec.

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    Mé and some buddy's 5 manned All achivements and were even selling spots from time to time

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    You can 2 man the SHOCKING achievement if your tank is a Blood DK. We did it because every time we had other people, they would mess it up and we couldn't get it.

    Apart from that, most of it can be 5 manned with 1 tank and 1 heals. Four Horsemen might need a 2nd tank or heals. KT too if your only healer gets iceblocked.

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    I would recommend at least 2 healers for KT as ice tomb can hit the healer and make the fight much more difficult.
    I did it in a pug a few weeks ago and I'm not sure if people just never did KT or what but we ended up wiping on him cause ice tomb hit a ton of people since people didn't spread out

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    i finished all 10 man meta achievs in naxx with 5 ppl , 1 pally tank (me) then just 3 pro dps friends & a healer.
    this stuff is really easy nowadays!
    good luck

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    Grab 6 of your closest friends/guildies, set it to 25 and bang out the acheives. Naxx is so easy now you just need a tank, a capable plate dps or really awesome hunter that can OT when needed, 1 healer, and a few dps that put out decent numbers. That how I did it when I went after the achieves a few months ago.
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    We managed to 3 man all achies in naxx 10 including 4 horseman achi.

    Our setup was Resto druid, BM hunter (Bear tanking) and rogue. Everything went smooth and fast.. the run took maybe 1h-2h.

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    I 5-manned 25-man Naxx with all the achivements a little while ago. Some of the achivements are tough, but doable. Should note that this was 5 skilled and geared players. If you're bringing pretty much random people without experience or gear, you'll need more.

    I'm pretty sure 10-man could be done with 3 or maybe even 2 players (depending on classes), but 4-5 and it should be a breeze.

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