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  • Be a superhero(ine)

    20 28.99%
  • Be a supervillain

    11 15.94%
  • Remain undercover/not use my powers

    23 33.33%
  • Other (Please post)

    15 21.74%
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    I would just do my own little thing, don't care about whoever!

    I'd like to manipulate all of matter and fate \o/

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    i`d probably want the ability to go back in time to a specific same spot, every single time... so that way i could relive my life over and over in different ways

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    Supervillain. Why?

    Because having powers will eventually cause everyone to hate you (Read: What you don't understand you fear, fear often leads to hate) and at that point it'll come down to mass murder just to stay alive.

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    Anti-Hero. Sure, sometimes I'd help out and beat the bad guy, but most of the time I'd be looking out for numero uno and doing whatever the hell I want.

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    probably undercover, I'd be too worried about scientists trying to dissect me to find out where I got my super powers.

    plus "making it rain chocolate whenever I want" wouldn't be that useful against criminals.

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    I would be supervillain because...ummm...uuuhhh, because I could really. Especially if it was a good power or mix of powers, just stay in a mask, cause mayhem, take mask off and blend into society for a while before creating more mayhem.
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    Remain undercover definitely, being on tabloids for farting or having put on your less-good looking pants.. yeah, that must be so awesome.

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    i would start off as a mercenary and if i dont get what i want from payment..ill go rogue and become a villain. my powers? 1st power is called anticipation. il see an action well enough ahead in time i can avoid or fix it. second speed who doesnt want to move fast. 3rd flight. who doesnt wanna fly? and last ..hmm the perfect sheild.
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    Teleportation, invisibility, and cell regeneration akin to Claire from Heroes. I'd probably become a for-hire corporate spy that sells corporations information on their competition, after I got bored of that I'd probably just spend my life traveling the world.

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    Ironically enough I'd copy the Taskmasters power.

    He can perfectly copy any physical ability simply by observing it. That means fighting styles, musical expertise, funky dance moves, whatever you might need.
    As for what I'd do with such skills......clearly I'd become a mercenary/bounty hunter. I suppose I'd be more of an anit hero than anything, Chaotic Neutral all the way.

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    I would attempt to make big changes in the world like stopping wars and so on, of course I'm not sure how, it depends on what kind of superpowers I get. I guess that would make me a superhero.

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    Honest answer. I'd be an anti-heroine:P I would not go public with the powers but I would use them for small, selfish/evilish things like stealing or destruction or property but I wouldn't murder anyone or try anything major. Also I might protect bigger baddies (like companies that do not care about the children in africa or whatever) from vigilante action because I hate righteous dogooders with passion.

    But if with very small (like saving cats or helping someone whos being mugged if I see it happening) or major things, I think I'd still help out the good guys.
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    i would probably use mine to make my everyday life easier, if i saw a robbery i would go stop it, but not going out of my way to fight crime. would just use my superspeed to get to the shop quicker, or flying to get to work quicker :P
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    Mystique. The ability to become whatever you want is just incredible. AFAIK she can transform into animals aswell.

    I would probally just hang out, get free things and travel.

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    I'd pretty much live my life just to see who could challenge me. I'd help people most likely, and I would want to manipulate energy or particles in any way I choose to. If I didn't like you as a human, I'd change you into a cat or a star (literally) etc.

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    At first, I'd stay relatively underground so to speak, but I can't stand injustice...well, basically twats getting away with being I'd have to reveal myself. As for what superpowers I'd have, I'd have to cheat a little, and say my super power would be the intelligence to make a functioning iron man suit.

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    I'd use my superpowers, but I wouldn't flaunt them by any means. I'd like to keep it secretive.

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    I wouldn't want to be a hero nor a villain. I'd love to have invisibility as a power; sneak around wherever I want and occasionally scare the crap out of someone^^

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    i would lay low and be low profile, but i would be a super hero, ridding the world of GIANT PET RATS(AKA the Chihuahua)...OOOO DO I HATES THEM!

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    The only superpower I would wish is to be forever young and immortal... And to go to parties everyday without destroying my organs

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