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  • Be a supervillain

    11 15.94%
  • Remain undercover/not use my powers

    23 33.33%
  • Other (Please post)

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    I would be very boring no doubt with my super powers and use them to make everyday chores easy, like super heat vision to cook food quicker, or some sort of speedy dish washing power.
    On the other hand to stop time would be fun...that would be my power!

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    Time Control which includes:
    Going back in time
    Going forward in time
    Going into alternate timelines
    Forseeing futuristic events and all alternate versions corresponding to certain events
    Stopping Time completely
    Slowing Time
    Hastening Time
    Using Time to age people to dust
    Using Time to make yourself eternally youthful or others
    Using Time to 'heal all wounds' per se
    Using Time to create many copies of yourself from many other timelines
    Creating Time Paradoxes to unleash Armageddon
    Using Time to undo any creature or event
    Using Time to become faster than the speed of light
    Finally, using time to become immortal.
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    This sound like similar problem I faced on Exodar. You should consult O'ros. O'ros know best for you. Female is tricky subject.

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    I'll start as a hero, but if the people I protect become assholes, then I'll become a supervillain.
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    Power of sorcery (AKA being indecisive but also being a badass about it).

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    Shape Shifter, only other living things though (animals including fantasy creatures.) Reason i play druid!

    Or a power like the portal gun. So leaving one right next to the fridge and the computer.

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