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    [Music] Need A New 2011 Bass Song

    The last time I downloaded a bass song was years and years ago. Maybe 2005 2006ish.

    Looking for a song with very high quality. 320 bit MP3 or Im fine even with a HD video of the audio.

    So whats the best out there? And I'm looking for mainly techno. No rap please.

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    ^ didnt even see the music part. Skipped right over it lol

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    eh, thats weak. catchy though

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    Well, Excision just released his new Shambhala 2011 mix, but that's heavier Dubstep.
    Click download under 'Shambhala 2011'

    Any specifics on what you are looking for? Drum'n'Bass, Dubstep, Techno, Club House, others?
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    Im downloading that now. Anything that doesnt have lyrics. Just a good beat with heavy clear bass

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    Bass Testers - Techno - THX Ultimate Subwoofer Test

    Thats the best one I have so far

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    Yeah, anything I will link is going to be different from the Bass Testers you posted about, mind - don't know too many tunes like that.
    Here's something you might like (Noisia - Machine Gun):
    The bass is not overwhelming, but is definitely felt, catchy rhythm too; gross video to boot!

    Edit: Ah, just realized I had this bookmarked - check out this thread:
    Might find something you like

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sodee View Post
    Heh, that's about the best thing I know aside from Pendulum for bass. Then again, I generally listen to Death Metal. =/
    I know Korn is not Death Metal, but have you heard this:
    Korn ft Skrillex - Get Up
    (also, superior audio imo, but no vid, so I'll keep the above too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fr3I54p2qhE)
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