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    pala season 11... finally bliz made a set that actually looks awesome

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    ive always wondered why blizz was so obsessed with symetry, these sets now look awesome. Gonna have to do whatever it takes to get it on my paladin.

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    Hmm...wasn't Jaina's staff for melee, seeing how she melee-ed with it in HoR.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crovyn View Post
    The DK set has a friggin smiley in the back of the head (incl. a nose!)
    That's to trick all the noob rogues just leveling because they think they are gonna get the legendary daggers ("but they don't even let me fly! QQ..."). This way they never know if they are standing in front or behind you.

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    Shammy and Pally sets ftw. I love how the Pally set reflects the fight between good and evil.

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    Pala and Rogue sets are SO awesome

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    Now I am so fuckin happy to be a high rated paladin, those sets and some others look ridiculously good!

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    They're making up for their treatment of paladins this expansion with a cool gear set... OR the worst is yet to come, so they're giving us a cool set to look good while our DPS/damage rocks the lower-middleground. Inc nerfs!

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    more better then new tiers!

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    I just noticed how many skulls there are on the rogue tier..

    I am Shaman - Play Free Online Games

    u gotta help me ffs

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    meh priest set.. was expecting something more cooler like the one we have right now

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    i dislike the similarities between the warrior and hunter gear >.

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    Is it just me or does that DK set look an awful lot like warrior Tier 2?????

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    Quote Originally Posted by hiragana View Post
    ive always wondered why blizz was so obsessed with symetry, these sets now look awesome. Gonna have to do whatever it takes to get it on my paladin.
    Making symetrical sets means they only have to do half the work. I'm glad they've put in the effort with this though, as that pally set is gorgeous.

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    The Paladn set is the best looking set ever !! I hope I can get it on my warri to transmogify :/

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    I'm so glad I'm playing a paladin. Seriously, that set; that's what Tyrael would look like if he was human!

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    These sets are some of the best, most original and inspired that Blizzard have ever produced. Hands down. I LOVE the pally set. It certainly has a distinct Warhammer 40k Space Marine vibe, which certainly gives it a sense of weight that I've felt was missing from plate gear for a long time. Same goes for the DK and Warrior sets, they both look substantial and brutally, well...metal. The rogue set looks mighty awesome too, along with Priest. Can't say I have much love for the others though, seems they got less detail than the others. I feel sorry for Shamans. I know what they were trying to go for but they certainly missed it.

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    I'm playing paladin. I am happy.

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    I don't understand how anyone can like the shaman set. I am so disappointed right now...even dungeon sets look better than this!I'm relieved that I can at least matter what set, they all look better than this one.They should have sticked to their plan to make an evolution between sets of the same expansion...

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    I think the Shaman is actually my second favorite of the sets. It's as close to an earth-themed shaman set I think they've had yet, rather than the more typical fire or lightning shaman sets. I

    And no, the T13 shaman set isn't really earth-themed to me... much more spirit themed. Very specifically orc spirit themed I think, but more spirits than straight up earth.

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