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    Quote Originally Posted by Calon View Post
    =OPaladin S13 is by far the unquestionable champion of "Best Set Ever". Damn, I wish that was the T13 model rather than the cheap, Saturday morning, super-hero knockoff junk that currently is.
    Can't agree more about the Paladin set, it's looking much more detailed than any of the others sets imo.
    But T13 or S13, whatever, I Just need to look like that!

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    hmm. this seasons gear may give me an excuse to start pvping.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jotad4 View Post
    Hell, even worse. Now they make better-looking PvP gear.
    Oh no, shame about that transmogrification thing :\ What ever shall we do :P
    Quote Originally Posted by Lugo Moll View Post
    Consider this philosophical question: If Blizz fails, but noone is there to see it. Will there still be QQ?

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    DAMN! For once I actually REALLY like these pvp sets.Though I feel as though the warlock and rogue set should be switched.

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    The warrior set is an abomination.

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    these sets sucks...

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    O-M-F-G. Can you say instant Jizz?!
    They all look(most of them) so damn fine!
    And i'm very happy for evry Shaman (including myself), that they finally managed to make a cool pvp set for them !
    The set for Paladin's reminds me of some kind of god but well they are close... Holy Paladin.. do i have to say more?..
    Priest and DK sets.. I'm not impressed.
    I gotta level my Mage up... :O It looks like they have been working out or something. notice the distance from shoulder to shoulder.. damn
    Hunters looks like a goat tbh. But it is still cool since they still have that beast'ish look wich make it very cool for Hunters.
    Give those Druids a chance. They can't see Still cool tho'
    Warlock's. They look like they are gettin' eaten by their clothes. Thumbs up!
    With that Warrior set it looks like you could slay a whole army just by /roar at them.
    I'm not surprised that Rogue's got a awesome looking set (again). But this one still takes the price. It looks so "toxic" and really fits perfect for a Rogue.

    Well done Blizzard /respect

    -Virch - Zenedar, Resto PvP

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    I really love the new Warrior set! Looks like a bad ass barbarian. Now I only hope that the weapons are as much awesome as the gear.Would be great to kill players with this set and some awesome Axe or Hammer \m/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Virch View Post
    O-M-F-G. Can you say instant Jizz?!
    Why does everything always have to get jizzed on?

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    This set reminds me of sunwell gear :/

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    I will totally stop to play my hunter and up a new char to be main !!!Never, ever in all those years since vanilla a hunter get a decent cool looking gear !!! All mail gear always suck in comparission to others. Seriouslly, its frustating !!!!

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    the dk gear is a different colour in game its almost white coloured not grey metalic and green

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