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    Pala, rogue and Warrior looks mint

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Exerus View Post
    The paladins, the red suits a pally the blue is more dk esque.
    Red Pallies is more horde-like (bloodelves bloodknights originally)
    Blue is standart for alliance, even in WC3 Alliance was always blue. I dont know how you can come to think, red would be better for pallies...normally they are not red, but it may look better. ^^
    On the other hand, the shaman set looks totally horde-ish.
    Especially the red/green version could look amazing on an orc, but I'd have to see that first, of course.

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    Paladin....i just can't help the feeling it's Ezio Auditore.

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    PvP Sets...oh my...

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    Paladun Tier 2 just got facegrinded in the ground.

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    Bow with expertise? That can´t be right. Unless fan of knives turn into fan of knifebowguns!

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    Not gonna lie, the paladin set looks absolutely amazingly awesome. But the Shaman gear looks TERRIBLE

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    First the PvE sets and now PvP
    In the light of Transmogrification and all the old gear sets I kinda get a feeling that the artists now have put up some competition for themselves and try to see if they still have the edge.
    Originally Posted by Ghostcrawler (Blue Tracker)

    Hellooouu.....I'm Greg, you might know me as might know me as that asshole that nerfed your class.
    Pure WIN.

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    These sets are beyond epic... Especially the rogue, pala and dk sets. I can imagine the warrior set look pretty brutal on Orc Warrior

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    Eyes are bleeding! Brb lvling Paladin

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    Holy shit that Paladin gear is incredible, it has so much more detail than any other set ever made WTF?

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    28,640 I finally need to PvP again to get that sweeeeeet set?

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    dk and pala are winners

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    Paladin set is one of the reasons why i would resubscribe! Jzs man, that set is insane nice!

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    They ALL look AWESOME. Good job Blizzard, finally something really really well done.

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    The one downer tho - oh look at the loot from the 5 mans - everyone but enhance covered weapon wise - AGAIN. I mean is it REALLY needed to stick plate melee 1h and 2h in EVERY loot source and 1h agi axe, mace or fist in NONE?

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    S11 paladin set > all raiding and pvp sets. Jizzed in my pants. awesome

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    omg the palading gear >.> so wish that you could do cross class transmog ..... time to get my paladin T13 and this PvP gold.
    "sigh" seems those that are QQing about PvP not geting love should look at the seets more they are so much better than the
    tier gear by a long way =/
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    brb using xmog on pve rogue t13 to pvp s11 gear.

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    Heh. The Paladin set is so clearly based on the new art from Space Marine.
    The rest of the sets are the usual guff.

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