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    Wow, realy impressed by the look of the paladin set. They kinda totaly changed it from this season : O

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    Quote Originally Posted by Avarathion View Post
    wow, that has got to be the most horrible looking pvp gear ever made.

    Not 1 set that looks even remotly good. Thank god I stopped pvping at season 4
    If you only pvp for looks, glad you quit.
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    That paladin one is so badass, my red dragon shield from BWL will match it perfectly

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    I think the DK set is okey together with the paladin and mage. Lucky I play all atleast two of them (ofcuse I don't play a DK :>).

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    OMG pally looks amazing. Totally different art direction all of a sudden, I'm digging it!

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    I Like the Paladin T13 even tho it feel abit same old. But this paladin PvP Set is the BEST! shoukd have been t13 Imo. Also like Warlock. Poor hunters

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    Wow this is such a huge difference. I think the art team at blizzard must have been replaced or shuffled around.

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    Wow it actually looks like they spent some time designing the PVP armor this season. Ever since they switched to "unique" models for PVP instead of just changing the color of the tier gear the PVP sets have been soooo boring and bland. They all look the same, lack any sort of detail and looked so generic. This time they still used a lot of the same bland colors but the actual models show they put a hint of thought into them.

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    Seriously Paladin & Death Knight Season 11 looks downright FANTASTIC. THANK YOU Blizzard for finally stepping it up on PvP/E sets!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nutty323 View Post
    o.O axe spellpower really? shamans only!!!! not cool for my alts. they need easy gear
    Pala / Shaman you mean? =)

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    378 loot from 5man dungeon? Interesting... but should not it be 384?Za/zg gear was 353 - half tier lower than Tier11.Molten front gear was 365. Half tier lower than Tier12Half tier lower than T13 is 384, not 378. 378 is exactly Tier12.

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    Paladin S11 should replace the T13, it looks so much better. Or rather, most of these S11 sets look even better than the rather cool looking T13. Atleast Hunter, Rogue, Paladin and Warlock.
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    What's up with these hobo gloves for casters? Could we got proper gloves? it's like big bracers

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    I just might start PvPing just to get that Paladin set for transmorging. Incredible.Imagine if they allowed more polygon building on other parts of armor (gloves/pants/boots/chest). Just imagine how that armor set would look with huge wings jutting out everywhere, and velvet draped everywhere..... And that face in higher relief?


    WTB higher poly models, Blizz!

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    im going to soooooooooooooooooooooo farm honor for transform.. wtf the pally set is beautiful

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    rogue pvp gear actually looking better than T13...

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    Blizzard have done really well with these sets. The Paladin, Mage & Rogue ones are my favourites. Nice to see Warlocks not having the best looking set for once (I haven't forgotten you, Wrathful!) Not so keen on the shaman set, and in regards too the hunter set, Northrend called, wants it's leveling leather gear back ;p

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    Must say, I hate the boringness of the past 2-3 warlock pvp sets.
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    Holy shit. I love all these sets.

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    NEW BLIZZARD ART TEAM?????????Thank the gods... LOVE IT. Transmog FOR LIFE.

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