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    I really like the vest, I think you can find better weapons to match it.
    it is a really great mog IMO 8/10

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    See now this is a very good mog, IMO. Wanna hit us with an item list?
    Mask of artful dodging
    Vest of the dashing scoundrel
    Deathstalker's grips
    Deathstalker's belt
    Deathstalker's leggings
    Sinister Gladiator's Leather footguards

    And thanks alot!

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    I like the aesthetic you're going for. I'm just not sold on any item but the warglaives and helm. I think with those two you have a fantastic starting point, but I feel like there's got to be darker blues for the pants, belt, boots, and gloves to better blend. 7.5/10

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