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    @Baerong ~ That's a classic look you got there! Like an old school Orgrimmar npc. 9/10.

    I also decided to keep it old school when dusting off my main from back in ICC days. The crown and frozen complexion are new tweaks to recognize Lich King Bolvar’s ever-increasing influence; I can’t believe I (all DKs of course, but in game terms it’s I) am creating my own Death Knights now! From known lore characters! And rezzing fallen foes to turn on their former allies (in Scarlet Monastery quest line). In an expansion with Demon Hunters, it’s nice to see DKs haven’t lost their ‘edge’.

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    That.s a sick DK transmog. Looks like real night-king-ish .... epic! 9/10

    This is my new transmog for my dr00d00:

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    Wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley. 8/10

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    I dislike the glasses, the color matches but its just that I don´t like them in general on any transmog.

    Edit: Added another photo for more flavor..
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