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    ^Not bad 7/10. From the waist down it doesn't work entirely for me, but still a solid mog.

    My Jungle Fever Witchdoctor -> More images
    I'm having a hard time differentiating the mog from the background, it all sort of lends together apart from the weapon. Perhaps a different locale?

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    It looks kinda unfinished - I meanI'm a fan of a no-belt look but here it looks like something's missing, due to the design of the pants.
    Staff is nice-looking, tho.
    Here's mine. It's a t ake on what the shadow priests that reside in the Priest Class Halls, but with a pant-chestpiece instead of the SoO Mage tier set.

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    I like it, except for the head, which always looked weird to me 8/10

    My mage is now a void elf, and rocking a simple outfit!

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    [QUOTE=Linaniil;49386455]I like it, except for the head, which always looked weird to me 8/10

    pretty nice, like the all the glows;

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    I appreciate the Spartan vibes, lol. 9/10, would have been 10/10 if you had a battle-scarred shield to go with it!

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    7/10 i appreciate the classic wings on your priest

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    The skull on the staff looks almost the same as the helmet, very fitting

    Decided to do something with the challenge weapon after I finally got it.

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    It's ok, helm/shoulders don't mix well with robe imo. 7/10

    I'm back to the master race:

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    That tabard doesn't really work for me with that Mog, idk..... Needs something more.... Fel.

    Here's my Arcane Mage with the Mage Tower skin....

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    Tried to go for a Red/Gold/Black theme.

    Head: Ferocious Gladiator's Felskin Helm
    Shoulders: Hidden
    Back: Hidden
    Chest: Wild Gladiator's Tunic
    Hands: Ferocious Gladiator's Felskin Gloves
    Belt: Raven's Veil Belt
    Pants: Breeches of the Shattered Abyss
    Boots: Boots of the Shattered Abyss
    Glaives: Illidari Crest "Orange/Yellow"

    Having a hard time trying to find a really good matching chest piece. There really needs to be more leather bindings that are similar to the one in the cinematic that the Night Elf DH wore when asking Illidan about the difference between them and the demons (its the one that triggers when you turn the book you find in VotW and turn that into one of the Archmages in Violet Citadel)


    Have Sandrene's Invisible Vest be moggable and I can actually mog the Wound Dressing/Antiseptic Dressing to wear.

    Why is it that DH's cannot change their skin color when the newly added Allied Races-such as Nightfallen can change their skin colors?

    My Drunken Pirate Disc Priest (before being forced to take a staff)

    Embersilk set
    First Mate Hat
    Tankard of Terror
    Mok' Morokk's Grog Bottle.
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    Not a huge fan of transmogs with skin showing, but the colors are good. 5/10.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ser Arthur Dayne View Post
    Oh btw, reported, you replied faster than the run time of the video.

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    I really like the set, but it's worn by pretty much 50% of DKs from my experience. Looks good, but not very creative imo.

    Whether you think you can or can't - You're right!

    You can read my in-depth Void Ranger / Dark Ranger class concept from 2018 here.

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