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    Quote Originally Posted by tripleh View Post Was kinda worried about the combat and how class balance would be. After seeing the video , I having more confidence in swtor. Pre-ordered already and going nuts waiting for dec to get here. >.<
    Holy crap thats a old ass vid, if your impressed by that you should see new stuff its way better

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    I think it will certainly show, but because they are a quality gaming company the in game stuff should get ironed out efficiently. The area I think they suffer in the most is communication. They are used to making single player games where you don't need that much information going in ad can learn it on the fly. They should have learned by now that that strategy simply doesn't work in a massive game like SWTOR. We know so truly little about the game at this point with just a few months to go before release. We don't "officially" know so much crucial information. I don't believe we know the stats on gear or what they do outside of people breaking NDA or playing at events. We don't know playable classes/race combinations (or officially even all the playable races afaik). It is stuff like that that shows their inexperience in dealing with an MMO crowd. The playable race/class thing is a fairly analogous to WoW also. Going into that game is was fairly up in the air iirc. Even the manual had the combinations wrong. Then you look at what they did in later expansions and bam right there everytime is a grid with the combinations for every race and class. Its just stuff they will adjust to over time. I am not worried at all about the product in game, just the PR department.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gerion View Post
    I'm more worried about class balance more than anything else. Bioware can't even balance their single player games (Lookin at you Dragon Age series). Mythic sucked at balancing WAR as well.
    Two things of note on this.

    First, I'm pretty sure that BioWare wasn't TRYING to make the Dragon Age series balanced. Pretty much every single player game I've ever played with a class system has had at least one obviously OP class. It basically makes the other classes a hard mode setting.

    Second WAR balancing was a product of a few things, the primary of which being a rushed timetable and the last minute cutting of several crucial systems. WAR never really stood a chance, thanks to being pushed out the door far before it was ready, but many still had a ton of fun PVPing on it.

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