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    Death From Above (Molten Front)

    I spent 14 days (7 attempts) of Fire in the Skies, continuously geting Flashfire, Hatespark, and Heatflayer. Two days ago I switched my rotation, and did The Forlorn Spire so that I would skip a day in the cycle, I then returned to the Fireplume area. After capturing hatchlings yesterday, I was given my Firehawk today, yet still the same Elementals. I only have this achievement and two pieces of Ready for Raiding II until I get my title...

    Any advice on how to make the other Elementals show up? Do I need to send a ticket in because my realm is broken? I've heard rumors about spawns changing at 1PM, 4PM, 1AM, 4AM server time. Is this true?

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    There's nothing you can do to affect the spawn, just have to have RNG on your side and a little luck.

    Since you said 7 attempts in 14 days I assume you completed the quest each time? Don't. Just keep the quest in your log and do it every day. Yes you will have to do the Talon starter quest each day to get back to it, and yes it will bug out occasionally (you won't be able to see the firehawk mount), but you'll wind up getting more attempts than every other day.

    Took me a little over a week of doing this (after they changed it from one elemental to three), doing it every day. I would check occasionally at 1pm and 4pm, but there were no changes to the elementals, so I really don't believe the spawns change during the day.

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    Hi Mava,

    As Elyoric said, RNG is RNG. As bad as it is for you right now it use to be a whole lot worse, when it was only one elemental up at a time. On my alt's realm (when I was doing the dailies everyday to unlock vendors) I saw Hatespark every time for two weeks. There's nothing wrong, there's nothing to report. Just keep trying.

    One thing I did, when I was done with all of the achievements and vendor unlocks (and still needed Heatflayer) was to do all the Druid dailies to unlock the cave but not turn them in, ensuring that I also had the bombing one active. This way each day I didn't have to do any prep work and I always had the fire hawk waiting for me. After an additional 9 straight days and ironically the 3rd day of the hotfix to have have three spawn I got the necessary tag and achievement.

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    I don't know about others, but for me, the same three would spawn every other day while the other three would spawn the other days.
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    Well, for me I basically cheated....Eagle Eye with a Hunter, and a Macro that targets the ones I need....pretty much got me the achievement without going through all the work. That, and just do not complete the quest, at all, until your done.

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