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    Can you tell me why it must be glyphed? Absorbing it would be the same effect to reflecting it to the boss no? Or am i missing something here.
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    Really curious too, it must be glyphed in order to work? And only if the seed targets the shaman? Thought the totem (glyphed or not)covers the entire party and makes no difference. Thanks in advance.
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    Any other confirmation on this whole grounding totem thing working, and whether it specifically has to be glyphed?

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    My guildie couldnt get his head around why it must be glyped, confirmation would be great why
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    1st: Two dc is just wrong.. Make one of them go holy.

    2nd: Try grouping right before the spawn and then spread out as they explode. You'll have some time to AoE them down, so that they reach raid with 20-30% health. Then single-kill them and group again for the next wave.

    We did it like that:

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    The shaman thing is probably the same as vanish/iceblock, where the add merely spawns for another person. BoP also works. We utilise BoP on our rogue and he adds quite a bit of AoE on seeds.

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    Our raidgroup has been hitting a brick wall on p2. We use the tactic of moving from right to left side, aoe-ing before they reach us then spreading out when they do. The Molten Elementals are always on 40% when they reach us, with maybe 1 of them dead and another on 20%. After they reach our group however they rape us quickly. We can handle 1 wave, but the second is often a bitch and we've never had everyone alive on the third wave.

    Last night I thought we had the ideal setup but it still went the same as always. Our setup last night was:

    warrior tank
    druid tank
    paladin healer
    shaman healer

    2x MM hunter
    2x Boomkin
    1x Spriest
    1x Elemental Shaman

    The ele shaman has 0 aoe, but I felt that the combined aoe from the rest would be enough. It wasn't. The 2 hunters are usually on top of damage dealt to adds, me (spriest) third then our 2 boomkins. Both boomkins say they have a hard time doing aoe dps because they can't get their shrooms to hit all of the adds and that placing them where they spawn doesn't work sometimes (a bug?).

    The other people in our raidgroup are:
    - disc priest
    - demo lock
    - arcane mage
    - feral dps druid

    Is our setup of 2x boomkin, 2x hunter, spriest, eleshaman wrong? Or are we doing something wrong tactic wise? Would adding a melee help?

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    u guys stacked 2 boomkins 2hunters 1 ele sham 1 spriest and the adds were 40% only? o.O

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    Balance druids with their mushrooms do sick initial damage to the elementals, but if you struggle with getting them down before they reach you, make sure to spread out when they're in melee range. It's even possible to single target your mob if you're a DPS class and then help out others. When spread, the elementals do poor damage, and you'll still be in time for World in Flames!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cakeisalie View Post
    I don't want to create a duplicate thread, but we're having similar problems on Ragnaros HC 10m Seeds/Elementals.

    Our comp is:
    Prot Pally
    Blood DK
    Arms Warrior
    Rogue (MS Assassination but probably Combat for this)
    Arcane Mage
    Hunter (think Survival for this)
    Boomkin (MS is Resto, but DPS for this)
    Holy Pally
    Disc Priest

    We are stacking in front of the boss then spreading out in a semi-circle as the Seeds go out, but the adds aren't dying quickly enough. Suggestions?

    And is it possible for our group, as others have suggested, to have raid stack after Seeds go out and quickly AoE DPS the adds using CD's to stay alive (Barrier and Divine Guardian enough?).
    your setup is exacly the same as ours (except you have a protpaladin, which is far better than out protwarrior)

    I posted a video of our kill somewhere here, you can check it out.
    For us, the best tactic was to spread out ater seeds' explosion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Minky View Post
    that's how my group's Ele has done it for 2 weeks now. It's pretty neat that class abilities like that aren't completely nullified by the encounter design team.
    Didn't seem to be working yesterday (EU).

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