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    Now the fun part of power leveling my Rogue to 85 Even if its just for the stealth part of the q I wana know what happened to that egg

    ^ Thanks to CrazyTaco93

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    Hentai-Dagger made me laugh.

    red ascii fish This is what stage 2 looks like for me and also always makes me smile.

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    Wrath looks like it's missing a "splat" effect. It looks like the dummy just absorbs it which makes it seem like "He's shooting gold sparklies at me! Tee hee!" instead of a nasty blast of nature. Lightning bolt and Shadow Bolt both look great though. The fading color change in the tail of SB is a really nice effect. The skull is pretty ridiculous, But that's what I really love about it. Lightning bolt is a more refined version of an already pretty nice effect. And they both go splat when they hit.

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    Even though the new SB is a retextured chaos bolt it still look much more pleasing to see, and I for one welcome it. Hmmm so the quest line will test you skills as a rogue starting with you ability to infiltrate? Interesting if so. Also hurray ravenholt will see some use after 5ish years.

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    Fangs of the Father made me think of inuyasha for a second lol

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    Wrath looks like shit

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    Shadowbolt was fine before, at least Lightning Bolt and Wrath also had a graphic.Now, Hunters are the ones with terrible spell effects

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    Oh wow I love that shadowbolt animation. That is awesome. Im not caring much for the new wrath animation.. like others have said its missing its "splash" effect. as it stands how i feel like im powering up the enemy with bolts of glitter o_0

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    Rogues have been asking for YEARS for more involvement of the Ravenholdt faction. Blizzard finally listens and makes you steal from them, i.e. become their enemy. Way to miss the point Blizz.

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    why is there a preview of the T12 Death Knight?.....

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    People complaining about wrath, how spoiled are you ? Would you rather have it as it is now ? It is a shiny new effect, something that other classes with old spells designed for stone age computers could just wish to have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aeryss View Post
    People complaining about wrath, how spoiled are you ? Would you rather have it as it is now ?
    Yeah, I would. Sure it looks dated, but it looks good for being dated. This new model doesn't even have a projectile, it's just a particle stream. In fact, this looks much like the particle used for prayer of mending. Not like wrath.

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    And mages still have the same damn fireball that imps do, awesome.

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    i wonder if beinf exalted with ravenholdt will have any affect on the dagger quests?

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    They should have made the tentacles grasp the wrist of the wielder to give the effect of being forced to keep them on and that the daggers had a "Mind of their own."

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    Holy cow what are those animations? Maybe I am too old fashion but are shamans becoming some laser character? And Druid's Wrath is now a fire spell?

    Also that dagger ... Tentacles? And in 3rd stage it looks kinda ridiculous, I assume it's not yet finished (especially the lovely glow from 2nd stage being replaced with some strange frame).

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    Looks like the Lightning Bolt will be an instant hit like the Lightning Chain now :O

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    Wrath looks horrible but the others are great

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    Wrath looks like total crap.... It's pathetic. It looks like something a Priest would use...

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