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    Level as disc!

    Horde Belf will give you superior mana return, only if you are healing. If you DPS than Troll or Goblin. I'd go goblin even though I'm not a fan of the starting zone.
    Alliance healing would be Human because it at least has +3 spirit and if you're holy its a lot of regen. If you'd DPS I would say Draenei for the hit or Gnome for more Int.
    gnome is more mana now, not int

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    I like my NE priest, saved me a lot of gold worth of repair cost with shadowmeld plus it can also prevent long running backs as well.

    Oh and tend to jump a lot, NE is the best race for that!

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    Im insanely happy for lvling my priest, (cata main) and has been well worth it!

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