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    [Music] that ONE song?

    So, we all have that one song. It may be out of place with your usual music tastes, it may be something you've always listened to, it may be something you've only discovered recently, but we all have one: what is the one song that is your all-time favourite, your timeless classic, that song you just have to replay again and again?
    For me it's without a doubt Bat out of hell, by Meatloaf.
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    There's always 1 of 2 songs that I choose to start my playlist with... I couldn't pick just one ><

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    Metallica - for whom the bell tolls. Listen to it daily and it doesn't get old.

    Even have "For whom the bell tolls" tatooed. Not particularly or exclusively due to this song, but also as a general outlook on life

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    I don't think I have one, really. If a song is really awesome I will listen to it fuckloads and then eventually consider it meh.
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    It may not be a song everyone knows, nor do I care, but once I hear this song just once in a day, it's all I really care to hear anymore, over 1k times played on my Ipod alone.

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