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    Smite Spec w/Legendary

    So last night in our raid after killing a boss, we realized that everyone who had "signed up" for the legendary weapon had past the Eternal Ember stage. It was then offered to any of the healers, then eventually passed on to a enh shaman for off spec.

    For possible future interest, I started looking at the staff stats/effects and thought about how it would affect Atonement healing specifically.

    First I thought about how useless the hit rating would probably be, considering the glyph already takes care of that, but yay for reforging I guess.

    Then, I took a look of at the effect:

    Equip: When you deal damage, you have a chance to gain the Wrath of Tarecgosa, duplicating the harmful spell

    Immediately I thought double smites/holy fire = double heals, but am wondering if the effect will actually support the extra heal each time the extra smite goes off.

    If anyone is able to confirm this, that would be great.
    Feel free to post your own thoughts as well.

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    While I can't say for sure as it was a ways back, our Spriest tried it and smites triggered did not proc attonement

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    silly idea anyway.

    If atonement makes up more than 10% of your throughput, I don't agree with your healing strategy ><
    Means even if it did work the legendary would boost your throughput by some miniscule, almost-unnoticeable amount.

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    I haven't read confirmation, but I'm pretty darn certain that it wouldn't duplicate atonement, as the "proc" is only a duplication of the damage of the spell, not the actual spell itself.

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    I've tested this specifically on my spriest (disc OS), the smite gets duplicated but I can confirm - the atonement heal DOES NOT get duplicated.

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    The duplication isnt the same spell casted twice. its an entirely new spell that does the same damage as arcane.

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