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    [Holy] Chakra in 5-mans

    Hey guys,

    I recently dinged my priest lv85. I geared her a bit for ZA/ZG healing by going shadow. Now that I'm feeling comfortable to give healing a try, I started to wonder...

    What chakra are you guys using for 5-mans in general and why? I mean... I can't help but think most priests tend to stick with 1 chakra during a 5-man fight (in raids you usually know whether you'll be raid healing or tank healing mostly).

    Which Chakra works out best in the end for doing both(for ZA/ZG, keeping tanks topped and healing up party members who fail as well)?

    Cheers in advance!

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    Serenity for tank healing which is what you will be doing most of the time. Switch to Sanctuary for when the aoe dmg gets rough.

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    5-mans are (surprisingly?) the place where I switch between Chakras the most depending on the damage pattern. So just play around with it

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    i switch depending on the fight.

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    5 mans are really where Chakra shines tbh... for the most part you'll want to be in Serenity since you can roll Renews with Heal and get the insta-cast HW:Serenity... but when shit hits the fan pop over to HW:Sanc for burst AoE and shorter CD on CoH
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    Quote Originally Posted by nobodysbaby View Post
    depending on the damage pattern
    This is what you need to think about as a holy priest. If there's pretty much only single-target damage against the tank and then maaaaaybe a bit of damage to one or two other, then go Serenity. But in a fight like High Priestess Kilnara in ZG or Jan'alai in ZA, where there's potential for a lot of damage to everyone, Sanctuary is awesome.

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