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    BiS disc/holy - WITHOUT firestones

    So this is the deal:

    - I'm in a 6/7 hc 25m guild
    - In all our heroic kills sofar, we've gotten 1 stone. One. Singular.

    Which means that 50% of my BiS list is out of the question. Did anyone compile a list of heroic gear that would be optimal, assuming you won't be able to upgrade anything with stones? Considering this limits spirit gear to a neck/ring and the tiers, I was wondering if anything did the math on how viable it would be to go all out on reforging and just take mastery/haste gear.

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    I was confused by your question, so I went to verify some things on wowhead.

    The only item you get from firestone is your wand.

    Pretty similar story for everyone on this.

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    i've found this list on manaflask:


    i only see 1 firestone upgradeable on there, the wand. now, i might be mistaken, but as far as i know, only trash items and your ranged slot are upgradeable with stones. given that priests from trash only have a weapon (which can be replaced by a drop), you only need to upgrade your ranged weapon. and even then, staghelm drops one, albeit without spirit.
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    I'm confused. How is 50% of your BiS list out? Your wand would be the only concern really, or possibly the BoE dagger (and the normal Ko'gun off of Rag would work perfectly well). Hell, I passed almost every Firestone we've had drop since 1) I didn't have the dagger (at the time, now I do have it and it's upgraded) and 2) the wand upgrade is minimal IMO and would be better off as someone else's MH upgrade for example.

    There's a spirit neck that drops off of Rhyo, a wonderful caster neck off of Domo, and a VP 378 spirit neck. There's a caster ring off of Shannox, a rep ring, and a VP 378 spirit ring. None of these things require a Firestone. So I'm not sure what the issue is.


    A rough list of gear options based on highest item level (not based on itemization, although I didn't include hit caster items)
    Head: Flickering Cowl of Wavecrest, of Undertow, etc. (391, Rhyolith), Cowl of the Cleansing Flame (391, spirit/mastery, Healing T12), Hood of the Cleansing Flame (391, haste/mastery, Shadow T12)
    Neck: Flowform Choker (391, haste/mastery, Majordomo), Heartstone of Rhyolith (391, spirit/mastery, Rhyolith)
    Shoulder: Mantle of the Cleansing Flame (391, spirit/haste, Healing T12), Shoulderwraps of the Cleansing Flame (391, crit/haste, ShadowT12), Mantle of Closed Doors (391, crit/mastery, Baleroc)
    Back: Wings of Flame (391, crit/mastery, Alysrazor)
    Chest: Robes of the Cleansing Flame (391, spirit/mastery, Healing T12), Vestment of the Cleansing Flame (391, spirit/haste, Shadow T12), Robes of Smoldering Devastation (391, haste/mastery, Beth'tilac)
    Wrist: Wristwraps of Arrogant Doom (391, crit/haste, Majordomo)
    Gloves: Fingers of Incineration (397, crit/haste, Ragnaros), Handwraps of the Cleansing Flame (391, spirit/haste, Healing T12), Gloves of the Cleansing Flame (391, spirit/haste, Shadow T12)
    Waist: Majordomo's Chain of Office (397, haste/mastery, Ragnaros), Majordomo's Chain of Office (384, haste/mastery, normal Ragnaros)
    Legs: Legwraps of the Cleansing Flame (391, spirit/crit, HealingT12), Leggings of the Cleansing Flame (391, crit/mastery, Shadow T12), Leggings of Billowing Fire (391, crit/haste, Alysrazor)
    Feet: Coalwalker Sandals (391, crit/haste, Shannox)
    Rings: Quicksilver Signet of the Avengers (391, spirit/mastery, Avengers of Hyjal - Exalted), Crystal Prison Band (391, crit/mastery, Shannox)
    Trinkets: Jaws of Defeat (391, Majordomo), Eye of Blazing Power (391, Alysrazor)
    Main Hand: Ko'gun, Hammer of the Firelord (397, spirit/haste, Ragnaros), Chelley's Sterillized Scalpel (391, crit/mastery, Crystallized Firestone), Ko'gun, Hammer of the Firelord (384, spirit/haste, normal Ragnaros)
    Off Hand: Goblet of Anger (391, spirit/haste, Shannox)
    Two Hand: Sho'ravon, Greatstaff of Annihilation (397, crit/mastery, Ragnaros), Smoldering Censer of Purity (391, spirit/haste, Random Boss Drop), Funeral Pyre (391, crit/mastery, Beth'tilac), Sho'ravon, Greatstaff of Annihilation (384, crit/mastery, normal Ragnaros)
    Wand: Stinger of the Flaming Scorpion (391, crit/mastery, Majordomo), Scorchvine Wand (391, spirit/mastery, Crystallized Firestone)
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    50% of your bis out of the question? you do know they didnt implement upgrading valor/craftables via firestones?

    edit: ellumina hit it pretty much on the head. BiS pre rag would probs be the Ryo spi/haste or spi/mastery random enchant + 4set hc, and then you really have no options for the other slots besides choice of domo/ryo necks... I guess you could make some argument around trinkets but it seems pretty standard for people to be using Shard of Woe + HJaws. The shared loot staff would be best pre rag weap, followed closely by trash upgraded dagger + shannox oh, and the beth staff.
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    http://chardev.org/?profile=241910 (note with raid buffs)

    That's what i'm aiming for, as disc priest.

    Oh and you must have some really bad luck with firestones, we've gotten 10 so far in 10m.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Docta View Post
    50% of your bis out of the question? you do know they didnt implement upgrading valor/craftables via firestones?
    Wait, you can't upgrade the VP items? ..... No, I must have missed the part where they decided not to implement that. I think that pretty much goes for my entire guild 0_o (Hey, not like we got the firestones to bother to find it out... the one we got went for someone to upgrade a trash drop)

    Hokai, feeling a bit stupid now. Thanks for the replies though, at least I can stop worrying about the upgrades :P

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    No, I'm afraid you can't. VP items should be upgradable, but they aren't. You can upgrade what the NPC has, and nothing else.

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