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    Quote Originally Posted by Virandile View Post
    Can I romance a female if I'm playing the same sex? If not then... such a pity. No love for me - Kill them all!
    Not yet they said they gonna add same sex romances post launch

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    it's something about gaming that doe's not interest me at all, as said "a stereotype i will try avoid" flirting with an npc crosses the line abit for me.

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    Vette is all mine.

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    I like how they focus on relationships. Puts your character into another level of immersion like ME and DA.

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    Romance everything and everyone I can.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StationaryHawk View Post
    Romance everything and everyone I can.
    and what server are you gonna roll on?......*avoids said server*

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    Quote Originally Posted by smashzu View Post
    I'll likely avoid it. I tend to roll female toons, and since I'm a straight guy and there's no same sex romance - I'll feel immensely creeped out romancing a guy.
    Play a male then?

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    Bioware always does a very good job with their romance subplots, so I am very likely to pull a Revan/Bastila and play a Jedi with a romance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Osskssa View Post
    and what server are you gonna roll on?......*avoids said server*
    You'll have to wait and see...

    But, in all seriousness, I'll have to wait and see what the companions are like. A shame I can't romance Blizz, though.

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    My female Jedi shall shun romance on all fronts, but I'm thinking of making a male BH who's milkshake shall bring all of the boys to his yard. Killing folks, making credits, banging boys: That is what the life of my Bouny Hunter shall be about.

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    Playing a smuggler so I'm going to say space prostitutes.....jks wouldn't do that. Not that kind of person do play that far in.

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    Male Imperial Agent flirting with anything and everything that gives the options. I am sad there won't be SGRAs at launch because I'd do the same with all the male options. Don't know yet if I'll do the same on any future alts, just depends on how it adds to/subtracts from the first playthrough.

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    Will I get infracted if I answer with "from behind"? :P

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    I'll probably avoid it, not a part of the game that really interests me

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    pfft as if you care..
    Quote Originally Posted by anewok View Post
    Im in the same boat. I intend my main to be a female smuggler, so i won't be bothering with that aspect of my toon until same-sex romances are put in.
    same ere nice advantage of female chars is you get free stuff that you normally woudnt as a male char

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    Sex up EVERYTHING.

    If it gives dark side - good. Better source than finding every single puppy to kick

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    i'm so psyched about this game! gaaaaaaaaaaah

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    Looking forward to the game but the whole romance thing makes me cringe...I wont be going anywhere near it and haven't in recent bioware games, pretending to ''love'' a npc just seems wrong.

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    Honestly, I don't like how romance infringes with light/dark side points. I wish it was just an accessory like it was in Mass Effect. It really didn't have much of an effect if you actually went to pursue it. But I understand why Jedi's would definitely defer the idea of romance if you believe all that philosophical bantha poodoo Lucas made up. So I won't roll one (wasn't planning on anyway).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Achaman View Post
    same ere nice advantage of female chars is you get free stuff that you normally woudnt as a male char

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