Hello all ! Status Quo is a (GMT+8) 10 man raiding guild on Khaz'goroth looking to recruit more raiders for our Firelands main team. We are currently looking for exceptional healers / DPS for our firelands team. All exceptional applicants will be considered even if we are not in high demand for it currently.

Current Progression:
Tier 11:
- Blackwing Descent 6/6 (0/6H)
- Bastion of Twilight 4/4 (1/5H)
- Throne of the Four Winds 2/2 (0/2H)

Tier 12:
- Firelands (7/7)
- Frielands (1/7H)
Raid Days and Times:
Wednesday 9pm to 12AM (11pm-2am server)
Thursday 9pm to 12AM (11pm-2am server)
Monday 9pm to 12AM (11pm-2am server)
(all times are GMT+8)

with occasional alt runs on offnights when there are people on.

Current Recruitment needs:

TANK [warrior/ bear/paladin]
HEALER [Rsham / Rdruid]
DPS [mage/hunter]

All other roles will be considered if an applicant is exceptionally knowledgeable of his/her class and can prove to be a valuable team asset.

Applicants must at least have decent gear / raiding experience and if possible combat log parses ready especially if you are a cross-server transfer.

Applicants must be able to take constructive critisicm. We also joke alot in guild bagging on each other =)

If you have any questions about Status Quo, our recruitment and progression please do not hesitate to message any officer in game and we will get back to you asap