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    You should absolutely play D2 Lotd, not just if you gonna play d3 but since d2 is such a heroic supermega game, i have played it ten years now. sometime takeing a break for a year or two, then getting back. Its awesome. Get member on a trade site forum and you wil get even better in the game knowing he value of stuff.

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    Don't worry about D1, the plot can pretty much be summed up in (someone elses) 2 - 3 lines, it's pretty rough gameplay tho.

    You probably wouldn't be missing much plot wise just reading a D2 + exp plot line,
    however for gameplay you may want to give it a blast through, just word or warning, even if you make a lev99 char - lots of running's involved.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lysah View Post
    "Helps you"

    Many people, including myself, are mostly convinced that Cain replaces the items he identifies with crappy items that look similar, taking the sweet lewt you found for himself. He's a greedy, evil old man!
    Cain will be the treu last boss of the diablo series....

    Ot Play the games if not for lore then for the game itself
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    If u play D1 & D2 before D3, then it help u understand storyline and it is epic!

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    you should play d2 anyways, it was a milestone

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    You'd certainly have the time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bozzna View Post
    you should play d2 anyways, it was a milestone
    Idd. Back then it was beast. And it still ages okay for an RPG.

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    im still playing d2 and i think it will be easier to learn d3 after that so yes, I recommend u to try d2 lod hack and slash cursor moving play style

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    Diablo 1 is really hard to play. The pace of the game moves slower then the moon does from the earth each year. D2 might give you a idea of what D3 will be and if you want to play it but 1 is like playing pong to figure out if you would like a game on the 360.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Verdugo View Post
    thankyou my good sir, that was most helpful

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    Just throwing this out there:

    I picked up Diablo 1 and 2 recently and frankly they are awful if you are used to playing similar games that are more up to date. In their time they were revolutionary and I can see how they would still feel epic to people that had all the old memories associated with playing the game when it was epic.

    But I personally couldnt get passed the clunky controls, lack of features and the fact it feels like its been drawn in paint.

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    short answer. No. But if you can bear to sit through the awful graphics then id say go for it (im saying this as a loooong time diablo fan) i just cant stand to look at D2 since seeing D3
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    Not really, but reading up on the lore is definetly a good thing to do, just to get into the spirit of the game.

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    Lore, what?

    Just enjoy the game :P

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    I wouldnt play diablo 1... but diablo 2 is still a pretty good game with a decent playerbase on

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    you dont have to, but i say; do it anyway! at least diablo 2, great fun
    diablo 2 has better gameplay and lore than diablo 1. in diablo 1 isnt that much special, though i enjoyed playing it as well, many years ago. :P

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    Diablo 1 was super addictive about 10 years ago.
    Now I get bored 5 minutes into the game.

    Diablo 2 is a bit better, but if you're used to games today you'd get bored with it. Maybe see if you can get a friend or two to play it with you.

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    Diablo I is completely different game, far superior to anything that was released past it in that franchise.
    You don't need to play it, because it's completely different :d.

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    Watch all the video's (I think all of them are in this playlist). They give a nice introduction to what Diablo 1 and 2 is all about, especially if you watch them all right after eachother.

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