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    Introduce your character! (Some RP required)

    I didn't see an introduction thread so I figured I would start one. Just give a brief introduction of your character and a description. But mainly, have fun and enjoy this!

    This is NOT a thread to troll or insult anyones idea for their character. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

    I'll start.

    I am a sith bounty hunter. You can find me wherever there are credits, women, and blasters. I never understood the so-called "force" like I understood pulling the trigger and the devastation after. Zalgren is my name. For the right price I can take care of all your extermination needs.

    More to be added later ^_^

    Let's see what ya got forum!

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    ((Well I have 4 Characters I will be running when the game comes out all four will be RP, Sadly since I need to get my Names I can not give away their names yet.

    But the Characters are:


    Character 1

    Class: Bounty Hunter - Mercenary
    Race: Chiss
    Gender: Male
    Motivation: He I a true blue mercenary money is all he works for, he has no moral code besides do the job he was paid for. However, he will do the right thing if given a choice, he won't kill unless he is paid to do so. He will back the nice guys if his contract is still fulfilled to the letter not the intent. ie ***NDA Edit*** hires him to find a name, but the person he finds turns out to be likeable and has a name to give to the ***NDA Edit*** than the contract is fulfilled.

    Character 2

    Class: Sith Warrior
    Race: Sith Pureblood
    Gender: Male
    Motivation: He is one of the last of his kind, he knows that the Sith will die out as a race if the old ways are maintained, He is true to the code but he is not Darkside, he sees the code in a way which leads to the light side.

    Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
    For me you have a heart, and you should care about those around you, love does not create peace.

    Through passion, I gain strength.
    Emotions give you purpose and strength this is the gift of being alive.

    Through strength, I gain power.
    As I feel stronger, I become stronger in the force, which gives me the power needed.

    Through power, I gain victory.
    I can use this power to protect the things I care for. I shall defeat everyone who stands in my way.

    Through victory, my chains are broken.
    With the power of the Force I shall gain my freedom and shall triumph over all things.

    The Force shall free me.
    I am one with the Force and my will shapes it.

    Class: Republic Trooper
    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Motivation: She is the daughter of Mandalorians who sided with the republic, her home planet is Dantooine.

    Class: Jedi (undecided)
    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Motivation: She is a bit of a Hot head because her family was killed on Coruscant even though she fallows the Jedi code she can not forgive the sith.

    these are my characters, I can not name them publicly because they have cool names. ))
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    Thumbs up for this thread.
    Shame I suck when it comes to stories and background. :<
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    I'll give it a try. Most of what I say is gathered from a little research expedition on the difference between Light side and Dark side, and what makes a Dark Jedi not a Sith

    You may have heard of a Jedi claim to have a great mastery of the Force, yet they outright deny the beauty of the Dark Side. Those hypocrites believe that only through the Light Side can you gain innate knowledge of the Force and strengthen your mind and body.

    Here's something they don't tell you--In truth, mastery of the Dark Side DOES make you stronger, but they don't want that little tidbit getting out into the public. They fear what the Dark Force grants to the faithful--this wellspring of knowledge is available only to those who are willing to delve into the depths of depravity in order to become stronger.

    Dark Jedi? Huh, to me they are indecisive fools who still cling to their fears. Sith who have true mastery of the Dark do not make such a mockery of the Force. We know no such thing as fear. Weaklings who only use the Force in times of fear need not apply--only one such person who sees his journey for the truth to the end can be embraced by the Darkness.

    ~Giruvegan, (Twi'lek) Sith Inqusitor
    I also decided to write some backstory for my character too. Brace for impact; it's long!

    Giru'vegan was once a "pet" Twi'lek under a female Togruta Dark Jedi by the name of Ash'lesha.

    Life was rough for all involved, but Giru couldn't complain--it was the only life she knew. She could recall no other memories of her younger years, having been torn away from her slave mother shortly after birth. It is said that Lethan Twi'leks were rare, and female children fetched astronomically high prices on the slave trade markets... She's changed hands many times since birth, whether through her owners buying her out of fascination with her Twi'lek race, her skin color, or simply because she was a female child with potential income. Why Giru had so many owners before the Togruta, she cannot recall.

    Ash'lesha found her as a slave child on the planet of Corsucant in 3,654 BBY, while wandering through the dark, crime-ridden Undercity. At the time, Giru'vegan served in a tea house as a serving wench and an aid to the dancers who occasionally offered their bodies to patrons in the adjacent brothel; she earned her keep using curious abilties to heal the wounds on whores who often suffered through beatings during particularly violent services. Her only family was the girls who lived and died in the brothel, her older sisters who taught her how to survive on the filthy, amoral streets of the Undercity.

    The clearest memory Giru can ever recall was seeing a hooded Ash'lesha sitting in a darkened corner, staring holes into her head with bright lavender eyes. The bouncers of the tea house thought she was a woman looking for "work" and approached her. The Togruta plainly stated that she "had no business with common thugs, only with the force-sensitive Twi'lek child," pointing directly at the Twi'lek. This struck Giru'vegan like a fully charged vibro-whip--she was Force-sensitive! The gutter kids have always dreamed of being discovered by a Jedi, to betaken away from the dirty rags and into the robes of a Padawan like some mythical wonder tale. She almost giggled at the thought of wielding a lightsaber and decapitating the filth that came in to beat the whores almost on a daily basis...

    But still, Giru could not believe what she saw next: a patron that had been listening in screamed that a Jedi was in the room--tumbling out of his chair in a mad rush to get away--and the bouncers sounded the alarm throughout the tea house and brothel. Patrons and prostitutes alike were yelling and cursing, rushing to get out as fast as they could with their lives. Ash'lesha merely sat calmly in her seat, even as the bouncers drew blaster pistols and called her many kinds of insults--until she heard them call her a Jedi dog of the Law. That's when she sprang into action, drawing one red and one purple lightsaber in each hand, and slashing the body guards down one by one with the ease and finesse of a Master.

    All Giru could do was stand there in amazement--a Togruta Jedi that was so brutal in the act of killing, yet calm and precise in the way she acted. Even as she continued killing throughout tea house, Ash'lesha's face remained serene and almost... happy. The Togruta then turned to the Twi'lek and snatched her hand with the intention of leading her out. For a split second, Giru'vegan felt regret and fear, but also excitement that a Force-user wanted to take her in, just like the wonder tales said.

    But suddenly, Ash'lesha wheeled around and glared at Giru, stating that this wasn't an intervention of any sort, but merely that she sensed that the child was a Force user with the prominence of healing and the Togruta felt that Giru would be useful to have around.

    Trading one owner for another, the Togruta took Giru'vegan away from the tea house, and eventually off of Corsucant entirely. The Jedi had her pet Twi'lek healer always at her side, but never truly teaching her how to properly use the Force. However, she did tell Giru'vegan her story of how she fell to the Darkness; the former padawan Ash'lesha had wandered from the path of the Light after dueling a Sith and killing him as her Master had instructed. But with his dying breath, the Sith spat on her and claimed that the Dark side had truths that any Light-drunk hypocrite could never have.

    Though her Master told her to block out his words, the Togruta could not block out the feeling of lacking--that something was missing from the teachings, the studying, all the hard work she'd ever done while among the Jedi. Maybe it was the Sith that were truly right in matters of the Force, because Ash'lesha always had reasons to believe that the Jedi Masters were withholding certain knowledge from their Padawans.

    In the year 3,643 BBY, a smuggling freighter that they hitched a ride on while on course to Hutta space had been attacked by a roaming Imperial craft. All on board were either killed or taken into custody. Ash'lesha had somehow disappeared during the takeover, leaving Giru'vegan to be once again thrown into slavery. But, for the first time in her young life, slavery would turn into an opportunity for the young Twi'lek, for rumors had been flying around that the Sith were looking for anyone with Force sensitivity to join their ranks...
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    My turn.

    In Rattatak, you learned to fight or you died. There was no middle ground. Blood of the vanquished had fed the arid soil of my old home as long as our tales can remember. With such fare, it is no wonder only the strong (or very lucky) survive there. My fortune was written in stones when Warlord Zahaj surprised me plowing his daughter and wife during Clan's latest victory feast.

    That turn of bad luck got me whipped to shreds, chained and on my way for a tour in The Pit. I was spared that bloody fate when some alien found something interesting in me, bribing the Pit Master for unknown sum of credits. I was a slave then, heading offworld to training, to be tested. Had I known what was store for me, I would have been hard-pressed to decide whether to curse or praise the spirits that made me drink too much and make eyes at wrong women.

    ~Elamshin, Grey (Rattataki) Sith Inquisitor

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    Name: Archimedes "The gun Smuggler"
    Class: Smuggler-Gunslinger
    Bio:there are two things I say say about space. Space is very big and such a thrill to travel through, Yet I can't imagine a form of government trying to control on this frontier. I been through every tiny crack in the Republic's control of smuggling operations from Hutt Space to the unexplored sectors of the galaxy. I love making money don't get me wrong, But I can't say I am somewhat of a idealist fellow. If I could be chancellor of the Republic Senate, I would give every man and his child upon adulthood a blaster for his own personal protection against the might of tyrannical thick headed politicians and of coarse the Sith Empire. Too bad that never works in government and the best we can hope for is the Republic for us smugglers and our Underworld contacts.

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    Name: Melterius
    Class: Sith Warrior
    Gender: Male
    Race: Zabrak
    Bio: From within the planet of Korriban, a sith is born to which all fear. He honors his Zabrak people, in which he comes from, fights for...protects. Along with his companion Vette, he storms the galaxy with his dual lightsabers as a Marauder to spread fear into those who have a mind filled with holes into which nightmares can intrude and distraught. He longs and drives himself with the darkside, to serve and punish those who believe otherwise. Although he is much of a darkside sith, at times he feels pitty or even compassion for those who seem defenseless, alone...scared. But his job is to destroy those who threaten his people, his lords empire...and he himself.

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    I've made this particular character in some fashion in various universes; I always figured that if I made him for Star Wars, he'd be a Sith Lord. So here's his story:

    I was taught about the true power I wielded by one of the Sith blood. Two decades of his tutelage - and then his eventual death at the hands of the Jedi - resulted in my elevation to a true Sith. With my lightsaber in hand, the dark side as my ally, and an army of soldiers and Sith warriors at my back, I returned to my backwater homeworld and ruled it with an iron fist for seven years, while the Empire claimed its rightful territory. Then the Republic "reclaimed" it - one of their last "victories" before we set fire to Coruscant. I did not leave without leaving my mark, of course...I set the capital ablaze, and everyone in it. That act, and my undying hatred for the Jedi traitors who ran to the rescue of the petty rabble, allowed me to keep my life. It is my hatred that has kept me going since the Treaty of Coruscant.

    For ten years, our masters have played the waiting game. If there is one thing that even the Republic scum must admire about us, it is that we are extraordinarily patient. Our patience has paid off, in a way...the Empire has endured for more than a thousand years, despite the destruction inflicted upon it by the Jedi Order. In the end, we will prevail - the Shadow will ultimately snuff out the Light...permanently.

    -Artimus Devaneaux (Darth Defileris), Sith Assassin

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    Character Name: Maarana
    Race/Class: Miraluka - Jedi Shadow
    Gender: Female

    Bio: Born to a race without sight Maarana was found to be force sensitive at a young age, quickly surpassing her fellow Padawans, some of her classmates showed bouts of jealousy which never got the best of her, she showed true patience and admiration towards them. Always willing to lend a helping hand to her fellow Padawans they generally grew to accept and respect her natural gift with the force. At the age of 16 she surpassed her most knowledgeable of masters and was granted the title of Jedi. Her mission starts with helping those in need first and foremost, her respect for the force guides her where she is needed, she asks for nothing in return and expects nothing for her services, she is a servant of the force and will give her life to defend those that are unable to defend themselves.

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    character 1

    name: Tannath
    class: sith inquisitor (assassin)
    race: zabrak male
    history: once a slave, now one of the most promissing aprentices chosen by lord zash, he will lie cheat and steal from any1 that crosses his path. he will punsih those that fail to serve him and reward those that succed. he may be the next great menace for the galaxy.

    character 2

    name: scorcher
    class bounty hunter (merc)
    race: human male
    history: Once called Kaim, he has a sister called Sev. his parents were killed when he was a child, and so to earn money for him and his sister to survive, he took the job of bounty hunter. as he did more missions, his taste for killing others increased, and at that point, he faked his death at the hands of a bounty hunter named "scorcher" so that his sister never knew of that taste and to always preserve the memory of her older brother. even at the orders of the empire, he still watches over his sister, now a comando of the republic. he may still be saved one day.

    character 3

    name: Sev
    class: trooper (commando)
    race human female
    history: youngest sister of the now know Bounty hunter "Scorcher", she joined the army as soon as she hited 18 in order to protect the inocent and the republic, but mostly to find her brothers killer. she has hunted him for years but he always manages to overcome her and flee the scene though he never once tried to kill her in one of their fights. she will go to any lengths but never sacrifice others for her mission for she doesnt want to become the same as scorcher.
    someone else might have gotten it wrong.

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    Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
    Through passion, I gain strength.
    Through strength, I gain power.
    Through power, I gain victory.
    Through victory, my chains are broken.
    The Force shall free me.

    Or so they say.

    Enslaved for generations, the pure-blooded Sith have bent to the will of their dark masters, eventually mixing both physically and socially into the ranks of the Dark Jedi. I am one of their descendants, and the memory of their futile struggle still lives within me. Though my culture reveres strength, both in body and will, I find myself unable to forget that the wages of cruelty come at the cost of the oppressed.

    I am a warrior, yes. I fight against the oppression of the Republic. I fight for the will of the Emperor. I am Sith, and my strength is emotion. But not from hate. Not from the suffering of others. I have seen the horror in the eyes of my enemies, seen how the fear consumed them, and I shall have no part in its enjoyment. I fight because it is right - because I must. I challenge my enemies, that I may grow stronger. I serve my masters, that I may learn, and interpret their orders as I will.

    I am Sith; I am a Warrior; I am a servant of love and compassion, my true face hidden behind the mask of obedience. Mine is a difficult path, and I must trust that I can and will rise to meet its challenges.

    I have passion. I seek strength - but the victory I work for, the chains I seek to break - they are not only mine, but those of all people.

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    My name is not what’s important here. It’s gone, as is my former life. I was erased from all databases like a droid privy to a master’s secret plans. A codename is all that was left to me after the fall. Once exiled, twice killed, thrice forgotten; Trollsbane, I’m now called, and woe to thee whose name turns up on my latest bounty.

    I’ll not speak of my home world, Csilla, or the events that led to the exile. My tale begins on Nar Shaddaa, the sprawling city where money comes first, and loyalties second. Having no need for credits in the past, I knew full well how most of the universe worked; and Nar Shaddaa seemed to be the place to start. I originally intended to find a place within the Hutt cartel, but what occurred was a step better. Or so I believed at the time. Keeping my racial identity hidden was easy on a planet that was used to, nay, encouraged others to be secretive and mind their own affairs. A uniform, gloves, and a helmet were all I needed. The strong silent type was all others needed to see. I stood around and threw the spicers and drunks out of the cantina when they got out of line. Easy work, easy pay; that was, until the SIS found me.

    “Don’t move,” came the voice of a Rodian as I entered my apartment. “The Republic Strategic Information Service asks that you…” I didn’t give him a chance to finish. He fell with a smoking hole in his head from my blaster. It didn’t matter. The others finished his sentence regardless.

    When I came to, I was tied to a chair with some hot little Twi’lek about to inject me with something. Too bad for her, I hate needles. I rocked forward with the leverage from the chair and smashed my forehead into her face. The warmth from her nose exploding cascaded down my cheeks as I stood and flexed with all my might, breaking the chair with help from the rope’s grip. Tied to an old wooden chair, heh; amateurs. A green skinned Mirialan charged at me with a right hook. I weaved to my right and swung the piece of chair, still tied to my wrist, to crash and splinter into the weak joint of his armor between torso and arm. He fell shrieking like the girl did.

    “Halt!” came a booming voice from the door. And seeing 4 blaster rifles trained on me, halt I did. “We’d just like words with you, Chiss.” My body language must have betrayed me. Damn the lack of focus. Was I getting soft? “Yes, we know what you are. And we have an offer for you, as long as you agree to not kill any more of us, that is.”

    There was something about the way that Zabrak smiled. I knew I shouldn’t have trusted him.

    And so as fate would have it, I became a merc for the Republic. I also learned the truth of the Republic‘s best kept secret: good and evil is not mutual to the Republic and the Empire. The Republic just hides their evil ruthlessness, while the Empire embraces it as strength. But as it was, the Republic was paying, and that’s all I was after.

    As the years and the wealth grew, I soon found myself in an unlikely scenario. I was a husband and a father. Raiyna was a human serving in SIS, and though we didn’t know at the time that it was even possible, a son, Daerian, was soon born to us. As luck would have it, he had his mother’s skin tone. A poor excuse for a father, and a husband, I was though. The Republic allowed me almost no leisure time. When one assignment was finished, it was off to another. “Intercept this carrier. Meet with these spies. Kill that Sith”. But the credit pile surely flourished. They certainly knew how to reward a job well done. And this brings me back to that bastard Zabrak.

    The pale red skinned Zabrak was a Jedi named, Darik Varless. He was my handler as well as commander on missions requiring teams. Darik was exactly what you would think a Jedi is like; honorable, slightly humble, intuitive, intelligent, and kind. At least that’s the persona he showed to the outside world. The Jedi I knew was ruthless when it came to completing a goal. Completion and success were all that mattered. We all are led to believe that these are exclusively Sith traits. They’re not. Exterminating all Sith we encountered was encouraged. Incomplete missions meant not coming home. “No witnesses” does not exclude children.

    And as the universe would see fit, I am somewhat of a rule breaker.

    I had pursued an Imperial Agent to Tatooine and found out the hard way that he wasn’t alone. A Sith had accompanied him. Though my target and his bodyguard were dead, I was near enough there myself. I’d passed out somewhere in the Dune Sea and awoken in a small hut to the sound of children. For three weeks an old woman and her grandchildren nursed me back to health. I’d managed to repair my holocom in that time and contacted Varless to inform of the mission and my situation. I was given a new mission and an ultimatum; my family, or them. There could be no witnesses; especially not an old woman who was a Sith.

    My pleading didn’t matter. Sartelana, the old woman, would not retreat from her hut. No amount of begging would change her stance. This was her home now. Her isolation from the warring factions and the evil Sith and Jedi alike, was complete in her little mud box. Again I contacted Darik, to lie and tell him it was done. He didn’t answer though. Not on his holocom anyway.

    He materialized out of thin air.

    The blue glow of his lightsaber blade protruded from Sartelana’s chest. She slumped to the floor, lifeless, as he pulled the blade free with a laugh. A motion with his hand sent me spiraling through the air to land outside the hut, with the door slamming shut behind me. I heard the children’s screams cut short and my heart sank as I realized Raiyna and my boy had assuredly met a similar fate already. It was time for Darik Varless to become one with the force.

    His exit from the building was met with 2 missiles to his chest. The explosion sent him, the door, and the entire front portion of the hut flying. I knew it was more than likely not enough to kill a Jedi though. I wasted no time. I sprinted towards him firing an electrocuting dart at him as he began to rise. It only stunned him for a second, but it was all the time I needed. At the same time he activated his lightsaber, my blade of steel sliced from finger to forearm, causing him to drop the weapon and scream. The next scream was even more beautiful. As it turns out, Jedi do, in fact, burn and die when you feed them to the flamethrower.

    With no family, home, or credits left to my name, without an identity after Varless wiped it from the systems, there was only one logical choice. I became self employed. Bounty Hunting became my new profession and it was time to go for the gold once more. It was time to enter the Great Hunt.
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    Name- Joneleth
    Class- Sith Warrior/Marauder
    Gender- Male

    A Jedi left for dead, distraught with grief and abandonment, Joneleth, now realizes what he must do; Expose the lies of the Republic. With nothing but his hatred and desire he sets out to bring down the Republic with his new found powers of the Darkside. He believes the Republic has become something it shouldn't and is hellbent on exposing their lies to the Jedi. Keeping himself centered and not allowing himself to succumb to the Darkside completely he believes the only way to stop this war is to embrace both sides of the force.

    He secretly hates the Sith because the more he is around them the more he feels like one of them. He knows the Sith are lost, he knows he must bring an end to this war, he knows the longer he plays this charade he will lose himself to darkness and be lost forever. He never knew a family, which is his deepest desire. It has become his only constant and longing for one is what keeps him from falling to the Darkside. He is not accustomed to life as a Sith and he sticks out easily. He shows no weakness to his rivals, but hesitates to kill on command. The thought of romance escapes him at the moment, "How could anyone love a monster", is his rational, but surprises come from the least likely of places. The seeds of romance when a rival confronted him to kill a Champion of the Jedi, Bodacious Babe (LOL IDK good Star Wars names). He refused to kill her as she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Darth Gangster Drive By, his rival, ensued a fight and we all know who won... yea yours truly. She thanks him and asks for him to help her and The Republic. He refuses to help her knowing it will jeopardize his plans and alignment with the Sith, but he gives her the option to run or to listen to his story and help him with his mission.

    She realizes the truth and begins to listen to him more. He is torn between his biggest dreams and their mission together will affect the outcome of the war in the end.

    Hope I didn't RP too terribly. =].

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    Koda Cora was a spice girl. She dealt in ryll and sticks in the artificial depths of the city-world Coruscant, alongside her close companion, her lover and business partner, a twi'lek known as Kru`Ga. Their friendship was kindled on Ryloth in the midst of a heat storm, a chance encounter that was to ignite a passion so intense that their fates were to be forever intertwined.

    Kru`Ga is a smuggler, torn between worlds. Imbued with a steel tempered by continual skirmishes and prolonged guerrilla warfare against the nefarious Hutt Crime Syndicate, he burdens himself with a racial memory his own kin see fit to discard. Determination to change the course of history grants him a drive and tenacity; a momentum that is to prove unassailable to those who stand in his way.

    An undivined chain of events is triggered: an impenetrable cloak of influence engulfs Koda, a smothering blanket, suffocating, until her life-force is extinguished. A grief-stricken Kru'Ga faces an unseen enemy, a lurking malevolence. A bane to his existence.

    A resolute sense of calm sets in. A metallic glint in his hand. Shadows move, footsteps echo, and then diminish. A shape sinks into the horizon.

    His story begins.

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    Name: Ja'ali Mauseun Ordo but people just called him "Maus".

    Grew up in a tight knit family in a remote off world inside the outer rim, he spent his youth hunting all kinds of wild animals. Stricken by drought and bad seasons on his home world he enlisted into the Republic military at a very young age for the pay and healthy signing bonus. He made his way into the ranks of the Republican Troopers: Special Reconnaissance Force Bravo. He served as a medic, weapons specialist and was one of the best trackers on his team.

    While conducting reconnaissance behind enemy lines his squad was assaulted by a strong contingent of imperial troopers and droids. His unit took casualties but being an elite team they were able to make it to the extraction point with everyone alive. Well the extraction never came...

    A Jedi in charge of the extraction decided to lead his team on a "aggressive diplomatic mission" instead... because he thought he had the chance to end the war! How characteristically delusional Maus thought.

    The entire force was decimated but the Jedi made it out alive, one of Maus's scouts on over-watch found the Jedi retreating from the scene and Force Bravo swooped down to rescue him. Maus's team leader asked the Jedi "politely" if there would be another rescue attempt and he said no because he had sent a message that claimed Force Bravo was KIA. E chu ta! Maus could only think of how upset he was that this months pay would go to his next of kin instead of him!

    Imperial agents were now on to the entire group and Maus prepared for the inevitable doom with this Jedi now taking command. As Force Bravo scouted out a defensible position Maus sniffed out some Hutt smugglers making a spice run. The Jedi tried to trick them to take himself off planet but failed. A bodyguard for the Hutts shot him dead in retaliation, stripped him of his belongings and other salvageable parts... apparently Jedi are worth more in pieces than alive. Strangely Maus took note of that fact and how detached he was when he watched the bodyguard treat the Jedi like Maus would prized game.

    Maus then negotiated a price to get his team to safety. It was a hefty one and he promised everything he had... and didn't have to the Hutts. His team declined to return to the Republic and spread out across different worlds, but never forgot the debt they owed to Maus.

    So now Maus hunts, to pay back the Hutts and the Imperials pay the best! He is known for bringing back marks alive, since he realized people pay extra for the pleasure of actually killing the mark. He considers himself a trapper, bagger and hunter of big game. Others have said he is cold, merciless, detached and does not exhibit the bravado associated with his profession. Maus in response thinks they just don't get it, people are just the same as animals unless they pay you! And as far as bravado goes, it doesn't increase the price... just the cost.

    Notable Quotes:
    "Never trust a Jedi, they won't do anything in return for credits."

    "He is paying me to bring you back and only he can nullify the contract. But if you pay me twice what he is paying to bring him to you... Well then I should let you know I prioritize my orders by their monetary value."

    "Can you buy a Landspeeder with honor?"
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    +2 Thumbs Up Folks

    Quality stuff there, nice job!

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    Nice thread bro! Here's my character whom i wish to RP with.
    Note: "The Iron Hand" is a RP guild which i'm part of.

    Species/Race: Sith Pureblood (If unplayable, then it will be either Zabrak or Human)

    Name: Zevlos (Pronounced Sev-lost)

    Last Name: Arkoren

    Age: 24 in human years

    Nickname/Title: Darth Katanai/Lord Katanai

    Gender: Male

    Place of Birth: Korriban

    Hair Color/Style: Short, spiky dark-red hair

    Profession: Sith Lord/Slaver/Politician/Member of the Iron Hand

    Appearance: Thin and agile with dark-red eyes resting in his eye-sockets, a cold look emitting from them.

    Home Planet: Korriban

    Allegiance: Sith Empire, The Iron Hand, political-evil-warmonger.

    Armor/Clothes: Prefers to wear a black robe, with, if any other colour, dark-red. He also tends to wear a hood covering his eyes and part of his nose-area.

    Primary Weapon(s): Dual-wielded Lightsabers

    Miscellaneous Item(s): Utility-belt

    Number of Jedi Killed: 45 (Some of them children)

    Lightsaber Color: Dark-Red

    Personality: Zevlus is a cold being, unable to show affection for anyone at all. He is merciless, and he does not speak that much. He has no problem showing himself to the public, nor showing them his power, he wants to inflict fear for himself into anyone else around him. Zevlus will respect anyone with power, to him, power is everything. He has many opinions about different topics, though perhaps his strongest belief is that there is only one way to obtain true peace; Through war. He will do anything to create wars or even great battles, anything violent which will have a consequence to other people in the universe. Many people would call him fanatic about his peace/war-beliefs. If Zevlus wants something done, he will most likely do it himself, and himself alone, only in the most dire situations he will require help from others, whether they want to help or not. And for his missions or battles he will only put as less power in as possible, being careful not to overuse it, though in some situations he might turn reckless if he feels passionate about destroying something.


    Zevlos was born on the planet of Korriban, his parents were both Sith Warriors, both part of the Sith army, they were "regular" Sith Warriors, so to speak, this meaning that they did not have as much influence as some other Sith Lords. Nevertheless they managed to raise Zevlos and two other brothers of his.
    Zevlos swiftly proved to have huge potential, and he was quickly made a Sith Acolyte, only to become a Sith Lord's apprentice not long after, and what the Sith Lord had meant long ago was true, Zevlos did indeed have big potential and was proving it during his Apprenticeship.
    One day, Zevlos was tasked with a choice, his Master had been marked a traitor, and had been sentenced to death. The higher-ups saw it fit that Zevlos' master should be killed by his only apprentice, for the purpose of their entertainment from the humiliation of the former Sith Lord, hopefully being killed by his own apprentice in public. Zevlos' being the cold being he had turned into during his apprenticeship, accepted this command without even uttering a negative word about it. The duel between him and his former Master lasted long, and was spectated by the Emperor himself, though at last, Zevlos defeated his Master, he was on his knees when Zevlos shoved his sword(Note, not a light-saber!) through the chest of the Lord. By doing this, Zevlos was granted respect from many higher-ups, he was made a Sith Lord, and he was given the opportunity to craft his own Lightsaber, which he then did. He also gave himself a title; Darth Katanai
    Zevlos, his power acknowledged by the Emperor himself aswell as his Council was stronger than ever. He took part in many battles, where he killed quite a bit of Jedi. During his time serving the Emperor's private army, Zevlos developed his own philosophies about peace, war, everything, really. He especially developed his belief about peace, after a huge battle with a Jedi strike-force, he after having interrogating a prisoner for hours, realised that true peace could only be obtained in one way; War. So, when the peace-treaty was signed, Zevlos was outrageous, and he did all in his power to start new wars, his belief more specifically would be, and still is:
    Quote Originally Posted by Darth Katanai
    "with wars, many important lives are lost, many society's are destroyed, and the more wars or battles there are, the more fear people will develop, this will then turn into a giant world of fear, where noone dares attack eachother because of fear of pain and destruction, only this way, true peace can be obtained."
    After the Emperor's withdrawal, Zevlos realised that he had failed, and he lost his faith in the Emperor, he left the Emperor's army, only to search for something else, soon he started his own order of Sith Lord's, where they spent their time killing anyone Republic-related. Soon though, he realised everyone in his own order was weak, and that they cared too much for affection, love and sympathy. He soon killed each and everyone of his own people, going as far as to kill everyone whom had shown the least interest in this order, even his own family, whom he thought very less powerful than himself aswell, but there was another reason than power that made him do all this, his fanaticism for peace through war had grown through the years, and he did all this to make rivalling armys/orders to hate him, to fight him, this way he would cause battles, and in his mind, this would ultimately lead to war. Not everything in his grand plan went as planned, the intrustion of the Republic, caused great disaster, as this lead to the other orders, aswell as himself, having to fight for their lives, Zevlos once again was outrageous, this made him into a killing machine during another great battle, killing many Jedi. Zevlos was out of options, he could not think of anything else to cause wars, though soon he saw another opportunity, this was the Iron Hand. He impressed these new people with his power and experience, rising in the ranks to become a Sith Lord. During this time, he learned to share the beliefs of the Iron Hand, he kept his own though, he learned that slavery could provide a million possibilities, he became loyal to the Hand, and during his time he learned to respect the others of this Order.
    He took part in the great battle with the Council of Shadow, where he has injured severely, he did heal over time though. He, together with the others, mourned the loss of their great Overlord; Darth Elivia. Though him not being able to feel affection for another being, it did not emotionally affect him as much. When Darth Elivia's apprentice, whom he knew was powerful, and whom he had huge respect for, became the new Overlord. He arose to the position of Sith Lord, and he remains in The Iron Hand.
    Cálás EU Earthen Ring
    <Horde of the Night>

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    Name: darth rock
    class: sith inquisitor
    race: human male
    backstory: rock believe in the greater good but not in the jedi way, only by force you can achieve peace. he will rise in the ranks of the sith lords killing one master after another and one day he will save the galaxy from itself by crushing both the jedi and the sith
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    Species/Race: Human
    Name: Keshrin
    Middle Name: Neral
    Last Name: Perin
    Nickname: Kesh
    Gender: Male
    Age: 29
    Height: 5'8
    Home Planet: Illodia
    Type of lightsaber: Single blade
    Lightsaber colour: Orange

    Biography/ starting story: Keshrin began his training much later in life than most padawans. When he was born the war between the Republic and the Sith Empire had already been raging for almost 10 years. Even though the war was on everyone's mind Keshrin's parents did everything they could to ensure their son could still be a child despite all that was going on. Fortunately Keshrin's Home planet of Illodia was relatively untouched by the war during Keshrin's younger years.

    While growing up Keshrin wanted to fly ships like his father and he learned about navigation and the piloting of ships quickly. By the age of 10 he could fly fighters and small frigates with ease.

    Keshrin often wondered what his father did for a living, mostly cause he loved piloting a ship but he also noticed that every time his father went on one of his assignments it would worry his mother to no end. So at the young age of 12 he snuck aboard his fathers freighter The Sapphire Moon before he left just to see what kind of fun his father was doing. Little did Keshrin know, but his father was a smuggler working for the Republic. Helping to run weaponry, supplies and whatever else was needed for the frontlines, but this run was none of those. It was a special mission. His father's freighter was one of hundreds of ships that an organization of smugglers were going to use to break a blockade that had been established by the Mandalorians.

    During the battle Keshrin remained hidden in the engine room until it took heavy fire from a Sith cruiser. While it was adrift Keshrin's father came into the engine room to try and hastily repair the damage. Another volley of lasers rocked the ship and Keshrin watched in terror as a piece of bulk head came crashing down towards his an instant the piece of metal stopped in mid air and hovered above his father's head. He looked up at what could've been his death and then looked around the room and saw his son standing off to the side with his arms outstretched...he was holding up the piece of metal without actually touching it. He'd always suspected he had the gift. When he was a little boy objects would sometimes move for no he knew for sure.

    With the blockade broken and his son returned home safely, Keshrin's father arranged a meeting with his Republic of which was a Jedi. He knew he had to get his son into the order if he didn't he would be a target for the Sith...either for indoctrination or termination. Keshrin understood what was going on and didn't want to bring harm to his parents so he left with the Jedi to begin his training.

    While the war raged for many more years Keshrin trained as a padawan at the temple on Coruscant. One year before the Treaty of Coruscant was signed, Keshrin's mother arrived at the temple aboard the Sapphire Moon. It was then that Keshrin was informed that his father had been killed on a run to deliver medical supplies to the Republic troops stationed on Malastare. Keshrin mourned his father but he knew he died doing what he loved...helping others. A year later Coruscant was sacked and the temple was destroyed fortunately Keshrin and his master were away on a training exercise when the Sith struck. The devastation brought by the Sith and the need of the Order to move itself to Tython slowed Keshrin's training but now almost a decade later...Keshrin is ready to face the trials of Tython and begin his new role as a a Jedi Knight.
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    Here is what is gonna be my main, the back story is not done yet but this is what i have so far

    Rakai Goodville is a Sithpureblood born on Korriban, a planet within the Horuset system in an isolated Outer Rim region called the Stygian Caldera. Being born on the Sith home world his Force sensitivity was discovered at an early age, but before he could be taken to the Academy to be trained in the Dark ways of the Force. He was kidnapped by a Twi'lek Smuggler named Rovnt Oda, whom wanted a young mind he could mold into a powerful bodyguard and helper.
    At the age of 15 Rakai was working hard for Rovnt when he stumbled upon a holocron that Rovnt was smuggling for some high up Sith Lord on Korriban. He was drawn to the holocron and when he activated it he was greeted by the gatekeeper in the image of Darth Andeddu, who sensed the power in the young Sith. The Sith lord started teaching the young Rakai about the ways of the Darkside, and he told the young Rakai to seek out his tomb on the Deep Core world of Prakith. Were he would teach him all of his secrets if he could complete the challenges that were in the tomb, to show that he had the potential that Andeddu saw in him.
    The young Sith decided to follow Andeddu’s advice and started making his escape plan from Rovnt. After months of planning he finally had enough credits to get to Prakith. He set his plan in action when he was with Rovnt on the Planet of Tython searching for Jedi relics for a client. Rovnt had started trusting Rakai, he had been loyal so far. The smuggler had no idea what was in store for him. When night approached Rakai decided to make his move and with the knowledge of the force he had learned from Darth Lord Andeddu he chocked the life out of Rovnt saying that he had known for a long time the truth about himself. When Rovnt was dead Rakai took what he needed from the camp and left Rovnt’s body for looters. When he arrived at the Starship he set course for Prakith and Andeddu’s Tomb.
    When Rakai arrived on Prakith he had to land in a small village some days travel by speeder away from the tomb, due to the mountains that plague the planet’s surface. Rakai was wandering around the village looking for a merchant when he noticed something he had not felt before but it was strangely familiar. He saw a young human browsing the speeder store and he felt a connection to this human, one that he could not explain. Rakai introduced himself to the human, his name was Wilan. The two young boys started talking and Rakai started realizing that Wilan was also sensitive to the force. Rakai thought to himself that Wilan might be useful in the tomb of Andeddu and asked him what he was doing on the planet, it turns out that Wilan was born on Prakith and he was out looking for treasure to buy a starship so he could go out and explore the galaxy. Rakai saw this as a brilliant opportunity to manipulate Wilan to help him enter the tomb and maybe even make him an apprentice.

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