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    Baelroc HC which tank?

    Hi, my guild is currently progressing in FL HC modes. We are at 4/7 HC and Baelroc is giving us some trouble.

    We started with me (feral bear) tanking the boss and after a few attempts managing to keep me alive until 40% off the fight then things got bad with rotations of dps and shards so not a tanking problem. I did die sometimes becuase of RNG on dodge or healers not switching over quick enough.

    But now I have been switched with a DK tank and I will make a hybrid cat/bear to sponge up decimation blades and then the blood dk taunt off me.

    So? What is the BEST tank to tank HC baelroc. My bear is sitting at around 43% dodge in combat +5% miss chance +2% racial for being a nelf.

    I have the 378 agi use trink so another 1200 agi there once a min. so 50% mitigation with no trink or potion popped But with flask food and buffs.

    Here is the link to our blood dk tanks armory.

    Basically I dont see the logic in me doing 15k dps jus to soak up decimation blades when if possible I could return to tanking this fight

    When he DPS's he does about 22-24k. So we are losing around 7-9k DPS if I go hybrid sponge cat =/

    Sorry for long post, just ask if anything didnt make sense

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    You said tanking wasent a problem yet you switched out tanks?

    We had our bear tank tank it and it went well (first kill we had 4-5 alive, close call) I'd say go with as much dps as possible (without sacrificing more important things) But that dosent seem to be the problem?

    Bal is one of the bosses that takes more practice in cordination and its really just something you gotta run down a couple of times to get everyone pumped for it.

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    It wasnt my choice to switch me and him out was our raid leader. and we've wiped around 40 times now. small number I know.

    But I'm sure this boss is solo tankable and shouldnt require one tank and one hybrid tank.

    And no the dps isnt the problem atm, they are switching right on shards and on countdown. But when he is tanking he just literally drops sometimes. But when I'm on my bear I dodge loads or I can get really unlucky.

    But the reason he has swtiched us becuase he said he heard dks are better at this fight with CD's and avoidance.. I dont see how. Its a bears dream fight right?

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    dk's are best that fight but it's a joke now so it really shouldn't matter anymore

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    Avoidance tanks work best(bear/DK with 4T12)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rvlzr View Post
    dk's are best that fight but it's a joke now so it really shouldn't matter anymore
    Yes but WHY are they better? >< If I knew why I wouldnt mind being switched out xD

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    just go with u as cat, or dont be greedy and pass ur spot to another dps. althought the fight is so nerfed now, u dont need that imba dps..

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheWishMaster View Post
    just go with u as cat, or dont be greedy and pass ur spot to another dps. althought the fight is so nerfed now, u dont need that imba dps..
    My MS is healer

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    Quote Originally Posted by lunarpower View Post
    Yes but WHY are they better? >< If I knew why I wouldnt mind being switched out xD
    AMS. It works on decimation blade, + with 4 pc and DRW they have awesome avoidance for deci + melee after. DS scales beautifully with damage intake on the fight, just not with decimation (although even the small amount of healing there is good).

    Combined with the BH resist trinket, inferno blade does almost no damage.

    TBH though, bears are still good.

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    We just 2 tank it. Our main tank for the fight is our warrior. He tanks normal melee and Inferno blade. I (bear tank) use avoidance trinks (petrified seed and matrix stabilizer) with 4pc. I do the pull and tank until i get 2 stacks of the buff then he takes over. From there he tanks and when ever decimation blade comes up i wait for him to take damage, if he is not at 100% before the first it I taunt, if he is at 100% he takes the first hit then I taunt. I pop either my trinket or barkskin macro (that immediately takes barkskin off so i get the smokescreen buff). That way i always have 1 cd up in case its back to back decimation blades. Your main tank should have the Mirror of broken images from Baradin's hold rep for inferno blade.

    Our dps was barely beating the enrage pre-nerf though, i don't know your situation.

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    I'm assuming raidleader want's to swap you out cause healers can't top you up later on in the fight on decimation blade. The more health you got, the harder it is to top you up. Guardian spirit and your glyphed enraged regen helps a lot with that. Also with 4set bonus you might wanna considder popping barkskin then cancel it for another 10% dodge. Try to time it earlier on (but thats also a bit of a guesswork) but later on with ton of health it might be better to pop+cancel it for dodge on decimation if your healers aren't topping you off in time. As a soaker you should definately be doing that, rotate the set bonus and enraged on the decimation (pop trinket with the set bonus dodge).

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    From what I can see, your dk-tank should look over his stats. Either go for full avoidance (which for baleroc is superior) or go full mastery (which is recomended for late-end progression). Trying to go for a combination of both isnt optimal. Either make him drop one of his two avoidance trinkets and get a stamina one, which he seems to lack s bit of (?), Scales of Life is a really good option here, and at the same time he should keep his dodge and parry as equal as possible due to DR. This would probably mean he'd have to reforge away alot of mastery to get his dodge up. Otherwise I cant really see why you should have any major tanking problems on that particular fight, and especially not after the nerf. Easiest of course would just be to make him go dps and your healers to focus more on whats going on at the tanking front and build stacks correctly. Tanks do tend to dip on this fight overall, its sort of a mecanic in the fight which healers need to be prepared for.
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    if should tank inferno blades and let the DK take decimation blades...not the otherway around.

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    To start, 15k is low from a deci. soaking kitty, consider tossing on more dps-oriented gear, and possibly speccing more offensively. Also remember that you can tank deci. blades in cat after your stacks are built up a bit, though on heroic this might be a bad plan because of crystal spawns. In a normal tank spec, before we switched to 1-tanking, I was around 18-22k. < Ahanss=me.
    Anyway, OT: Whichever combo gives you more dps would probably be best. Deci. blade isn't that rough to deal with, though from what I know dks have more tools to handle it. 1-tanking is most likely your best bet.
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    Make the DK go full avoidance,

    AMS works for Decimation Blade (he should save it for the 2nd swing)

    Dancing Rune Weapon (+20% Parry for 12 seconds) = Best cooldown for Decimation Blade out of all the tanks

    Vampiric Blood = 2nd best cooldown for Decimation Blade (helps healers get the DK back to max health with fewer heals)

    Stamina does not matter for the fight, don't tell him to equip Stamina trinkets (go avoidance trinkets), the more initial health a tank has, the more inflated it will get from Baleroc's mechanics, which will make it ever so slightly harder for healers to bring his health up (Decimation Blade is %)

    As mentioned before, Baradin Hold trinket is an awesome trinket to use against Inferno Blade (and can be used every time it pops). He should try to use Dancing Rune Weapon for every Decimation Blade, and if you get x2 Decimation's in a row, then he can use Vampiric Blood (and DRW should be off cooldown for the next). Save AMS for the 2nd Decimation swing.

    DK's are the better tanks for this fight, if they go full avoidance. If you can, you should make/gear a dps offspec because the DK should easily be able to solo-tank the fight.

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    As Feral you could spec out of Heart of the Wild, losing 6% stamina.
    For Decimation Blade I believe you can go Cat Form, specced into Nurturing Instinct, losing the bear form health and receiving +20% more healing, should make Decimation phases a breeze.

    Your Armory link would be nice

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    I dont know why people are talking about decimation blade so much. It's even more of a joke after the nerfs since he only hits twice.

    The real threat is (was) his physical damage 4min+ into the fight making a druid the best option.

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    Bears are my favourite tanks to heal in this fight, I wouldn't miss out on that much dps if I were your RL. Make the DK go dps, you can tank the thing just fine.

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    we are 10 man and tried with me solo tanking as a feral druid, got randomshit deaths from not dodgeing decimation blades and shit, so we tried out warrior tank tanking the fight and me switching to bear and taunting just for decimation blade then going cat again, and we 2 shot it no joke, pre nerf.
    Such a safe way since the tanks random deaths are loweredalot

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    On 25 man heroic we just had a bear take the decimation blades and just stay in bear the whole fight ( kept getting crystals spawn on the offtank if he went cat) and had a paladin tank the inferno blades with the BH mastery trinket and glyphed DP, and tbh the further the fight went on the easier it was to keep the paladin alive, he used CD's through-out the whole of the inferno blades as well as having the 4 set which helped, our druid took the decimation blades which most of he dodged and we easily killed it once the melee stopped being stupid and giving aids to each other

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