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    Any tank will work just fine. I don't recommend using two tanks for it, though.

    You REALLY shouldn't be relying on dodges/parries to get through Decimation blade, though. If your healers can't keep you up through a deci without a dodge, they're doing it wrong.

    A DK tank is the most optimal for this fight, but again, it really doesn't matter.

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    Is this 10 or 25man and what healers are you using?

    Just saw on wowprogress you're 10man, but what healers are you using?

    Edit: Looking at your log it seems like your healers don't understand the fight tbh, your best try at 4:34 your paladins were on 55 and 66 stacks.

    This is how it should go:

    Shard 1: Spriest solo soak - Both paladins spam heal to gain stacks.

    Shard 2: (If you go feral dps, you can solo soak this one) Have paladin 1 solo heal shard, paladin 2 helps shaman heal tank.

    Shard 3: Paladin 1 solo heal again, by the end of this shard he should have 150-200 stacks, allowing him to easily keep the tank alive on his own for the rest of the fight.

    Shard 4: Paladin 2 and Shaman healing shards from now on.

    If paladin 1 gets tormented, have paladin 2 help with tank healing and the shaman can solo heal shards while paladin 2 is busy.

    The key on heroic is getting 1 healer high stacks early so they can deal with tank healing. First shard both paladins should be on at least 60-70 which is how many your healers are getting over 4:34 atm. Also, solo tank it, it's much easier for healers to focus on one tank if they do the stacks right.

    Hope this helps.
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