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    Disc and spirit - am i missing something?

    First off i'm disc and our progress is currently 6/7hc. We do all bosses with 2 healers, me disc and holy paladin.

    By looking at varius posts and BiS list and what not, i keep seing ppl reforging non-spirit items to spirit and i keep wondering if i missed something obvious. I'm running with around 2k spirit and the Dmc trink since the healing trinks just wont drop for us:/. Tbh this far i havent had mana issues at all and everytime i get a new upgrade with spirit i reforge down to 2k again.

    So my question is why r ppl reforging to spirit as disc? Is there some kind of hidden mechanic that i for some reason missed?

    What i can see int=manaregen making spirit less of a choice due to int scaling and rapture.

    Any pointers would be appreciated.

    Here is a link to my armory

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    I guess you could make the argument that more spirit allows you to use less mana efficient heals (more flash heals basically), which increases your throughput.

    That said, I agree with you. I run 1700 spirit with Tsunami+FoM myself (havn't seen a healer trinket drop either)

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    I know what you mean our Disc priest finds herself reforging out of spirit especially now with the Firelands Nerf. I play a resto druid and I have been reforging away from spirit for a while in favor of hitting another haste break point or more mastery.

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    ahh ok always nice to see that its not me being a total retard hehe

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    people reforging INTO spirit as disc are pretty confused

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    Disc regen scales with intellect, so heavy spirit gets less and less necessary as you get better gear.

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    Not having to worry about going oom because you use flash heal is pretty massive if you ask me. The amount of single target healing u can do with PWS>FH>FH>FH>PWS is pretty damn massive.

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    H-Baleroc and H-rag are really mana taxing. those are the only two reasons to reforge into heavy spirit. (not so much H-Baleroc after the nerfs)

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