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Thread: Longer waiting

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    Longer waiting

    So... some people say that longer waiting = more hyped because of less bugs , better game generally... but some say that longer wait = much much less hype and just bored with waiting. So? Is longer waiting making you more happy or no ? For me... I'm already really low hyped... I can't wait to play but if there appear some really good game I think I won't play gw2... I'll just die from beeing bored while waiting.

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    I voted yes, but it all depends how long we are actually waiting.

    Personally, I think we've waited long enough and if Anet came out and said "we'll need another 2 - 3 years before it's ready." I would be really pissed quite frankly.

    The more time the developers spend perfecting their game is a positive but if they take too long the hype will die down after a while and people will just move on.

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    I voted yes, but waiting more than till late Q2 2012 is just stupid, waiting till about Q1 (middle/late) would be a perfect time in my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alms1407 View Post
    I voted yes, but it all depends how long we are actually waiting.

    Personally, I think we've waited long enough and if Anet came out and said "we'll need another 2 - 3 years before it's ready." I would be really pissed quite frankly.

    The more time the developers spend perfecting their game is a positive but if they take too long the hype will die down after a while and people will just move on.
    Agreed. I expect the game out in first two trimesters 2012, anything more then that and the hype of everyone will begin to die, or that's how I see it at least.

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    Asking this question and expecting a yes or a no as an answer is just waaaay to generalized. And it will not give you a clear view on the issue. So you might as well not ask it at all.

    The most likely answer to your question is that some people will only get more excited by waiting and getting little bits of content information. And other people will get sick waiting. But these two dont even mean that they will buy the game or not when it is released.

    My personal answer to this question would be that I understand the waiting, it doesn't make me exactly more happy, because I would rather play the finished game right now. But the game just isn't finished yet. So Ill happily wait for that.

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    No, because some games indeed are worthy waiting for, I just can't stand waiting for GW2.

    I'm just bored as hell

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    When it comes out, even a year or two from now, I'll still buy it. It's too good of an opportunity to pass up.

    WoW has gotten a little stale, so I've pushed that aside until I can see the lowdown of MoP this coming BlizzCon. Also messing around on Rift with my brother and his friends. Playing other random games in-between, cooking, cleaning, etc to just pass the time really.

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    They shouldn't keep us waiting too long, or else the excitement will begin to die down. I mean, I'll still buy it even if it isn't out for another two years, but I know that some people could easily forget about it and just play other games as they come out. However, waiting is also a good thing because you know that they're working hard on the game and making it really good.

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    I would be surprised if I didn't come out in 2012 with beta (hopefully) starting in November. Any longer and they're going to have a lot of upset fans. On the other hand, if they release it unfinished they're going to have even more upset fans.

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    Waiting is fine to a point, problem with GW2 is that the game is too damn good and it makes people, including me...sad. T-T

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    Well if waiting will mean well get a better game overall that it's ok I guess, though I will be sad.

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    Rushing out a broken game will make you QQ far more than QQing from having to wait longer. (hope that made sense)

    I voted yes.

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    To a certain extent yes.

    Rushing out a game generally mean that the game will ship with tons of bugs, missing content, and a lack of polish. It's severely hurt games.

    But holding onto it for too long...just look at Duke Nukem Forever...yeah : /

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    well obviously I would like it out asap, but I don't want it rushed, so I have no way of answering that question without more specific answers

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    Of course I'd like to play it asap, but I guess it's best to wait for the finished product. Although I think that if they don't release it on the first two quarters of '12, interest will start to fall (Still gonna buy it though)

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    I say yes and it is because I am in the camp of people who say that the longer it takes to get out (or even into Beta!) the more of the game the devs can fix, adjust, and balance.

    However, there is still a risk when taking "to long" to get a game even to open Beta where a LOT more people can "test" the game and give more information to the general populous -- let alone releasing the game itself. J.J. Abrahms (sp?) learned that with LOST. You can't keep leading your fan base around by the nose dropping little morsels of information for long, otherwise they'll lose interest.

    I don't think that GW2 will suffer from that, especially since we've heard (unconfirmed) rumors of a 1st quarter '12 launch. I'm staying optimistic in that when we finally even get to see Beta that it will be one of the most "polished" betas testers, and players, have seen. I'm not saying it will be the most stable as I'm sure there will be a text book definition of a "cluster fuck" of gamers chomping at the bit to log on. But I'm sure that the good devs of GW2 will remedy any server stability issues quickly.
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    No, I'd rather play only a part of a game rather than nothing. Open beta comes to mind with this sentence. C:

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    I'm sure if they put it off too much longer there will be mass global mutiny.
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    I am so psyched over GW2 and it's killing me!
    I am drawing it all the time, fantasizing about it all the time and watching videos/reading the forums about it all the time.
    I can wait until next year, but not more.

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    A short-development cycle can have multiple good reasons:
    -Devs are familiar with the engine
    -Project is well managed
    -Clear "To-do-list"
    -Disciplined developers
    -Relying mostly on established concepts.
    -Lack of QA

    Now granted, in the MMO world a rushed release often hints at a lack of QA and that the Developers couldn't follow through with all their ideas.

    But there is another extreme as well. When developers take too much time (Duke Nukem Forever) it's a sign of:
    -Unclear/constantly changing vision of the game
    -Undisciplined developers
    -Poor management
    -Budget issues
    -"Loosing momentum"

    Generally I'd agree that a longer development cycle guarantees a better game, but only up to a point. Once your MMO development cycle hits the 5-year marks it's quite clear that not everything has been going according to plan and that you're probably going to have to cut corners in multiple regards due to financial constraints.

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