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Thread: Longer waiting

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moomurr View Post
    As long as it aint Sw:ToR long. Years and years and years and years of hype is to much and to me personally just makes me scratch it off my 'To Play' list.
    It's been announced and in development since '07. The original expected (player expected, not Anet announced) release date was '09. Waiting is hard...
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    Nothing is as bad as waiting for Blizzard to make games. My god i have been waiting for Diablo 3 for 10 years. So waiting for guild wars 2 will be nothing.

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    I am willing to wait till forever, as soon as it won't disappoint me and will be phenomenal, which I find incredibly obvious not to. Although, I am not setting up pillars of expectation, cause then I could not wait.

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    I want the game out now but if you see it as a better management it would be more clever to be out at februaty-march 2012..later this year we will have wow patch 4.3 (with the so hyped remodeling and deathwing) and the launch of Star wars...From my experience I see them both keep players busy for 3-4 months at most...

    while there are people that when GW2 release will go there immediately (me included), there also lot of people that will go because they are bored and I don't think they will be bored in the months December - January - February. Some times longer waiting has nothing to do with better game but there are also some strategic moves by developers on when is the perfect time for the game to release
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    I think the ideal announcement period for a regular game is about 1 year prior to release. MMOs can get away with 2 years prior to release but anything sooner is too soon.

    Battlefield 3 did it just right imo. It was rumored to be in development for a while but wasn't officially unveiled until February 2011. From then onward they could build up the hype and publish the game with the hype still rolling.

    Now MMOs need more time to "secure" a fan-base but once you hit the 2-year wait period chances are people will lose interest and pursue other games and hobbies. It also means that a lot of concepts are still wip and not all mechanics have been ironed out yet.

    That's what concerns me about Diablo III too. I think they completely revamped the character progression system about 5 times before they were content. And even now it's still not ideal. For me this is an example of a game that has been "overdeveloped" and reiterated too much.

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    I think waiting is a good thing, but at this point, if the release date goes into 2013+ I think it will be bad. By then, other companies may have something better and it will lose customers. That, and they hype will die down a lot. What is there left to show besides the last profession?

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    Another game that the hype train for a lot of people has come and gone is TERA. Released a bit premature in Korea and still no date set for even a NA beta test. I think I have been aware of it's state for almost 3 years now and pretty tired of seeing it in the state it's in.

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