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    Last two points in disc

    im spec'd disc now, been a long time holy, I was wondering if i should put the points in surge of light, OR darkness. (Im never sure if i have another priest or shammy in the raid, so i always put points into inspiration). My group is working on rag normal mode, and still putting up a fight with aly, and major domo. Ty for any help of suggestions!! <3

    my gear and spec - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte.../Ryokoh/simple

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    Darkness is much more valuable than SoL. Surge is pretty terrible.

    2 in darkness or 1 in DP 1 in Darkness would be better. Could also put points into VS if you prefer shorter fiend CD

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    This is the typical spec I use:


    All healer specs should take Desperate Prayer, IMO. It's just too good not to have. I guess it's playstyle based, but I never saw the attraction of Train of Thought. I raid 25s, and rarely cast Greater Heals, and I don't spec Atonement, so I rarely DPS, unless there's nothing to heal.

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    Agreed. I'd go desperate prayer and darkness

    ToT can be amazing depending on role and playstyle. As a hybrid AA/A healer in a 10 man group, I get a lot of use out of it as it gives me more efficient greater heals (both mana and crit) and more penances from smiting.

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    SoL is great when it procs, a free FH is always good (espcially if it crits !)
    The proc is better then just some haste.

    BUT SoL is completely RNG. You can get twice (maybe 3 times) in a row or just 1 proc on a fight.
    Haste affects all your spell (through cast time or GCD).

    So Haste > SoL if you aks me

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