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    [Anime/Manga] What is the best fight you have ever seen/read?

    Anime/manga fights are known to be flashy, badass choreography, and way over the top. But thats what makes them so AWESOME.

    So my question is, which anime/manga fight reigns as the most epic, awesome, totally BA, fight you have ever read/seen?

    For me, it's Bleach's Ichigo VS. Grimjow fight. It had everything; an epic rivalry, an increase in power, huge awesome attacks, no clear winner until the end, great choreography, and was just legen...wait for it...dary

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    Despite the fact I really don't care for naruto I loved the sasuke vs. Killerbee fight. Then there's the whole 1st episode of Gai Rei Zero. The ending episodes of FMA: Brotherhood when they finally start attacking central to take out Father. Just a few that's on top of my head.

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    Oh and then there is that ping pong match in mayoi neko overrun! It might not be a blaze of glory with guns and fighting, but it is no doubt epic.

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    I'm with Evilmaniac in really liking many of final fights in FMA: Brotherhood. However, for the most part some of my favorite fights are those that are short and to the point where the character displays proficiency rather than will. A few examples of short clips:

    Bleach - Ichigo vs. 3 Lieutenants
    This was probably my favorite scene in the entire series (although Kenpachi in general and Ichigo's fight with Byakuya afterward are both pretty decent).

    Darker than Black - Hei's Back
    The whole fight isn't longer than 15 seconds but that side kick is just the best. I spent years practicing Taekwondo and while that's not perfect form, it's beautiful setup and execution of a killer kick (try being kicked by a moving/flying side kick sometime; unlike in most shows I guarantee you, you won't be standing up for a minute).

    To Aru Majutsu no Index - Accelerator vs. Awaki
    For those who have never seen the show, Accelerator is capable of changing the vector of anything he touches or comes near him; this includes but is not limited to velocity, momentum, current, light, and nearly anything else you can think of. This is also a pretty decent AMV of him when he goes against the main character (only guy who can touch him as his ability is to nullify others' abilities).

    Utewareromano - Touka Saves the Day
    Again, not some epic fight. But the first few seconds of Touka showing up are just beautifully drawn; so much better than just seeing a bunch of swords flash and people fall over dead. This snippet from earlier in the episode is also a decent little bit of choreography.

    Gundam Wing - Zero vs. Epyon
    This is actually a fairly drawn out fight, but the portion of the fight linked (sorry that it's an AMV and not the original) is one of the high points in any mecha animation I've seen. However, Code Geass has a ton of really excellent fights but I don't have any discrete links to them; just longer AMVs.

    Soul Eater - Maka vs. Jack the Ripper
    Very first episode in the series, and it has an absolutely beautiful scene. It's too bad the rest of the series wasn't as amazingly done (although it has its moments).

    Yu Yu Hakusho - Dragon of the Darkness Flame
    This is more of a nostalgia clip than anything, but I still remember just having my jaw drop as a kid over this scene.

    FMA: Brotherhood - Wrath vs. Lin-Greed
    I figured I had to include at least one clip of Wrath in the list. Unfortunately YouTube has been very thorough about taking down most non-AMV clips of the series so it's hard to get many of them, in particular for when King Bradley first returns to Central.

    Black Lagoon - Revy vs. Fritz
    Okay, so this isn't epic but I loved the dark humor in this series and I couldn't stop laughing at this scene.

    Edt: to Bals below me, how could I have forgotten Kenshin vs. Saito? That was a really awesome fight. Reminds me of some of the great fights they have in Samurai Champloo.
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    a few of the ones I find most memorable in no order:

    Kenshin vs Saito

    ban vs akabane (even though there was not much to it)

    Gohan Vs Perfect Cell
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    Forgot about that kenshin fight. Also you really can't call the ending of season 2 of getbackers an ending since they studio ran out of budget a created that sorry excuse for an ending. The fights in season 1 were awesome though. On a side note Want to buy chibi Genji Plushi.

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    Not to mention s2 of getbackers did not follow the manga. I found that fight to be the best of the anime though - even though like I said it wasn't much of a fight.

    Also thought a majority of the fights in Scryed, Busou Renkin, and Gurren Lagann were well done as well. Don't really have any particular one in mind on those series though, besides the last fight in Gurren Lagann
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    Yeah I know, DBZ but hey, I like it.

    Really drawn out fight over a hell of a lot of episodes. Loved it though.
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    Even though I LOATHE Sasuke for being an emo butthurt pansy, the encounter in Naruto: Shippuuden between him and Itachi was rediculous.

    The very end, when Itachi died, made me cry...a manly tear was indeed shed, and it was justified after Madara revealed everything about Itachi.

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    Oop, gotta add one more:

    Edit: just realized that clip is untranslated Japanese. If you want to see a slightly lower quality but English version:
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    Pretty much any fight scene in Samurai Champloo.

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    Hellsing love it and love alucard for me hes the ultimate bad ass anti hero

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    Rock Lee -vs- Gaara

    Definitely one I have watched a few times.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ultima View Post
    Rock Lee -vs- Gaara

    Definitely one I have watched a few times.
    I did enjoy that one, although I couldn't really stick with the series (too much filler/obnoxious Naruto-being-Naruto) it did have some good moments. I saw Gaara vs. Kimimaro on YouTube and that was a pretty impressive sequence.

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    Going just by scale, there can be only one!
    Not the most awesome looking, but certainly the most over the top thing you're ever going to see, lol.

    Pretty weird series, ending is even weirder, but not going to post something to spoiler ish.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ultima View Post
    Rock Lee -vs- Gaara

    Definitely one I have watched a few times.
    Have too agree.

    I'm more of a One Piece fan however and while I like everything in the series, the Gecko Moria fight sure was awsome.

    Oh yeah, I also liked the Nami vs. Miss Doublefinger fight alot.
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    How about Naruto vs all the Peins, he fucks their shit up. and when Ichigo completely destroys Aizen without breaking a sweat, that was pretty sick.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kynthrus View Post
    (...) and when Ichigo completely destroys Aizen without breaking a sweat, that was pretty sick.
    He did sacrifice pretty much all of his powers to do so, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ant Man View Post
    Dammnit accidentally hit back oh well. The fight above as well as pretty much ANY fight from Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou.

    The zinv/genbu/idol fight from Tenchi Muyo GXP

    The first true activation of Kenshis Sekijin in Isekai no Sekishi Monogatari

    6 minutes in for entering cockpit 8 minutes in for first bit of show and 11 minutes in for he full brutal fight.

    Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure The activation of Zinv/Genbu as well as when the lighthawk wings are unleashed

    Tenchi Muyo when he first awakens as well as when he fight at the end of series 3(known in the US as ryoohki)

    Heh and an assload more but this will do for now i guess.

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    The only Anime I watch is Naruto. It took forever to try and get used to it because I always hated Anime and the whole reading subtitles was annoying, but I've stuck with it and watched basically every episode so of course I can't stop watching now. Can't tell you what fight is the best because many of the fights have seemed pretty neat. I did like the Itachi/Sasuke fight though as someone mentioned. Sad how it ended.

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