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    Quote Originally Posted by edgecrusherO0 View Post
    However, I want them to come out with more Berserk so badly. Definitely one of the best anime's I've seen, and Gutts is a complete badass on all levels.
    I think I was a tad strange. I liked Griffith more than I liked Guts as a character. Guts is incredibly straightforward, doesn't think far ahead, just likes to chop things up. Griffith demonstrates great ambition, subtle planning, and the ability to act both genteel as well as coldly calculating. Yes Guts is a badass, no doubt about that, but I thought Griffith made the series (never read the manga).

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    I despise anime, so this was the best I could do...

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    ok so samus>master chief...hell halfway throgh that i thought it was going to turn into something not exactly allowed on this website lol

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    The best anime fight ever is in the last chapter of Tenge Toppa Gurren Laggan (Gainax) in the battle between the Anti-Spiral and the Gurren Team.

    Where else will u see someone (or something) trowing galaxies as shurikens, while our heroes hides behind another galaxy, Or see the bad guy shooting a big bang and have a guy blocking it with his body just to get turn into pure energy to enforce the hero team?

    Just who the hell u think they are?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marintha View Post
    What? What?!

    C'mon children, gather round and see how a real battle is conducted. See the almighty glory, war, terror and gore that is Berserk.

    As wondrous as the anime may seem, it pales in comparison to the badassery that is the manga. Here, I'll explain. The anime? Covers the first, oh, three books.

    There are 35 now. And they're still coming.

    Behold, children, and weep before the might of Gutts. Hundred man slayer. The Black Swordsman.

    Why is he so amazing? Because unlike Ichigo, Kenshin and so many other animes that have been noted here, Gutts is MORTAL. He bleeds, he loses an arm, and eye, and it stays that way. There's no magical pity fairy to save him, he just SURVIVES.
    You are missing some of gutts finer points. He was born when they hung his mother from a tree. He was raised as a mercenary so war is all he knows. His cursed armor shoves spikes through his body to repair broken bones.

    His fight with the fairies was pretty crazy.

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    If Avatar counts as an Anime, it needs to be mentioned aswell.

    Best version i could find : /

    Ozai is the strongest Firebender in the world, hes basically beaten Aang, then AVATAR STATE HO. Aang has him running like a little bitch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pickley View Post
    If Avatar counts as an Anime, it needs to be mentioned aswell.
    Best version i could find : /

    Ozai is the strongest Firebender in the world, hes basically beaten Aang, then AVATAR STATE HO. Ozai runs like a little bitch.
    I hate fights like this. It's 1 sided against the hero. Then he transforms, and proceeds to rape the antagonist. Its not fun to watch. I like equal powers clashing, like the above Ichigo/Grimmjow fight.

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    Only manga I ever read was dragonball, and thats like 10 years ago.. but Im pretty sure there were some sweet fighting in there

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jokerpoker View Post
    Only manga I ever read was dragonball, and thats like 10 years ago.. but Im pretty sure there were some sweet fighting in there
    Manga wise z and classic are one series.So yeah some of them have already been mentioned i bet.

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    Peter VS the Giant Chicken.

    It is technically animation.

    I mean come on, I haven't seen a fight last that long without 1000 minutes of talking in between.

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    When I think epic anime battles, three immediately spring to mind.

    Seras vs Zorin from Hellsing Ultimate

    Yasuri Shichika vs. Emonzaemon with the 12th Deviate Blade from Katanagatari (one of my favorite anime ever)

    Vash vs Knives from Trigun (video is hyper speed with some crappy song, otherwise it's kinda long)

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    Naruto Shippuden has so many awesome fights... this is one of them

    I like how the fights in this anime are about tactics/finding out the enemys ability and not just about who can transform to the highest sayyajin mode
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    I know it's already been mentioned, but I still totally love Super Saiyan 2 Gohan vs Super Perfect Cell. Specifically the kamehameha battle. It wasn't just the battle itself that made it special for me, it was the buildup to it. And I don't mean just the Cell saga, the entire series. Ever since the first episode we'd known Gohan had hidden powers, and all through the series he had brief moments of unlocking them. But he never finished what he'd started. He couldn't beat Radditz, or Nappa, or Vegeta, or Recoome, or Frieza. There was always something inside him holding him back. Despite trying as hard as he could he could never strike that killing blow, and with just a moment's hesitation he lost his powers, every time.

    When he finally transformed against Cell though, it was just perfect. His true hidden powers had been unlocked at last. And it completed the whole thing for me when he actually killed Cell. Gohan had finally become the hero he was meant to be, and he finished his own fight for once. That whole fight was very special and beautiful to me. The series could have ended right there with very little wrap up and I'd have been fine with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dasani View Post
    I despise anime, so this was the best I could do...

    If you don't like anime, then why did you bother clicking on a thread like this?

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    Anything with Wrath is amazing, but this one's my favorite.
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    Majority of the fights from Soul Eater are badass with sick choreography, especially Black Star's encounters with Mifune.
    They are almost 100% equally matched, and neither is the "bad guy" so when they fought it was really hard to guess who would come out the winner.
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    Enraged Gohan VS Cell DBZ,

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    Bes fight evar!?

    I think in One Piece the hole Marineford story where Luffy tries to rescue Ace. That was by far the most epic Manga/Anime moment i have read/watched as of now .... It was just freaking epic srsly.

    One Piece > All

    Ah well ... I did not watch/read it as of now and it does not exist atm ... But i am pretty darn sure that the final Naruto-Sasuke fight will be epic too.


    PS: Does actually one of the Naruto readers here know if Kishimoto (writer from Naruto) did already say if this arch (4. ninja war) is the big "final" from the Manga "Naruto"? Or will there be a lot more after this? Would be interesting to know ... I mean Odda (One Piece writer) said that One Piece is actually only at the "middle" Part of the entire Story atm. So there will be atleas 50 more Mangas of OP.

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    Another naruto fight which for me is one of the best ever made simply due to how it develops and not the to much flashy things.

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