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    Hellsing Ultimate and Cowboy Bebop (series and movie) have the best fight scenes IMO.

    Bleach final main arc fight scenes are good too (Ichigo v Bakuya, Ichigo v number 4, Ichigo v Aizen).
    Naruto has good fight scenes too, my favorite is Sage mode vs. Pain
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    It seems the consensus that giant fighting robots are cool so I found a couple scenes I remembered

    This show has such amazingly beautiful fight scenes yet some are just so bloody

    (I looked for more but all I found were amv's)

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    I first want to clarify that almost every iteration of Gundam I have absolutely hated due to its use of "blur" fights... one second the enemy's there, the next he's behind you and oh look you've exploded as he walks away casually, but Gundam 08th MS Team always stuck out for me because it bucked that trend and not a single character on it is considered an ace pilot (or newtype or whatever they're called), therefore near the series end when the enemy finally unleashes its ace it's kind of a big deal as he proceeds to... okay, just watch it. Sinks into a bit of typical Japanese cheesiness near 6:15, but all in all it's definitely in my top 10 anime fights. Only read page 1 and page 4 so sorry if someone's already posted this.

    Well, since Siam already posted this on the second page (you rock btw!), I'll just state that the three others to come to mind for me have already been mentioned:

    Ichigo vs Kenpachi in Bleach
    Spike vs. Vincent Final Fight (Cowboy Bebop Movie)
    Shikamaru vs. Temari (Naruto)
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