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    [Shadow] AQ20/AQ40

    Can Shadow Priests solo AQ20/AQ40? Anyone tried?

    Tips/hints appreciated

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    Aq20 most likely - aq40 not a chance unless there is some way to pull only one of the twins (which I doubt).
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    AQ20 was soloable in Wotlk, never tried AQ40 but I imagine most of the instance (except maybe Viscidus, C'thun, Twin Emperors) shouldn't be a problem.

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    Ah yea twins obviously not, thanks guys, gonna try farming the enchanting formulas

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    Well twins you can't solo but if you have one friend who would help you with them that is very doable.

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    For Shadow, all of AQ 20 should be a fairly simple burn. However, for the last boss, you will want to keep up the crystals.

    AQ 40, Bug trio and Wasp person will be difficult to do. The wasp person will have you silenced or stunned a good 60% of the time, and Bug Trio will be difficult due to the healer, stuns, and fears.
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