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    [TV] Weeds

    As title says, season 6 of weeds airs monday... was wondering if anyone was excited as me?


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    There's a pre-air of Ep 1 floating around the internets if you can't wait. You're gonna love Psycho Shane.

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    i used to really enjoy this show early on but ever since U Turn died its gotten crazy.

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    Already seen it

    But i love that show.

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    [TV] Weeds: Who took the shot.

    Personally i think Tim scottson did, peter scottson's son.

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    Is there even going to be another season? I had assumed that was the ending

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    Well this is weeds and from weeds previous storys we know they like to interfere with that damn new child. I bet it's someone related in some way to the mexican dad of the child, all we ever got was 'he died in jail' mhm surree.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enjin View Post
    Is there even going to be another season? I had assumed that was the ending
    A few days after the finale, jenji kohan did an interview and said that there was a possibility of a season 8 and that we would find out who that shooter was.
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    Doug's gay son shot her. For stealing his dad.
    In all seriousness, I'm not sure, at all. Maybe it was that guy's son, the ponzi scheme guy, maybe it was the ponzi scheme guy. But I was pretty surprised at the ending of this and The Big C.

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