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  • Winter

    88 39.11%
  • Spring

    36 16.00%
  • Summer

    42 18.67%
  • Autumn

    59 26.22%
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    Wrathful season because all noobs didnt get wrathful shoulders

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    for now fall= autumn, because all these new anime that are coming out :P

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    season 3, the gear looked awesome...

    Autum, becuase winter is too cold and summer is too hot. plus all the pretty colours
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    Wabbit Season
    Duck Season
    Wabbit Season
    Duck Season
    Wabbit Season
    Wabbit season
    Duck Season FIRE

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomatketchup View Post
    Negative. Autumn is my favorite season and I live in Sweden. At winter it's almost constantly black, but with autumn there's still a cozy small light outside rather late. Also, rain. I love rain, even when I'm outside.
    Are you kidding? I live in stockholm and it has been dark since 6 here, so depressing knowing that it will be even worse than this for like 5 months ahead. The weather is awful aswell, atleast in the winter it is beatiful with all the snow and skiing and christmas.

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    I love the cold. And I love wearing jackets.
    And it's the only time in Florida when its not so humid and hot that your face melts.

    I don't know why I live here :c

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    to all of you ppl saying pvp seasons, you may be trolling but look up; this thread is in the offtopic forum =P so it isn't wow related. i am also surprised that autumn is so high up, thought most ppl hated it, even though it is my fav

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    Summer no question. I hate being cold. Cold weather sucks. I don't have to even worry about being cold in the summer.

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    It's when it gets fun to run, and the temperatures are pretty decent!

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    Not sure, I like all except summer, but I guess I chose spring because that's when nature starts to come back to life, there's still snow and animals run around. (well, not where I live, but still, in general)

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    Winter. Love the cold. Hate the heat with great passion.

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    Spring and Winter

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    Late autumn and early winter, summer and spring are too hot and prefer autumn evenings.

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    (Season 6!)

    Also, I love living, I love life itself. I love being, no matter what season it is. It's a bit harder to play streethockey in a blizzard, but we manage (it's quite too slippery for the wheels tho)

    EDIT: Voted 'Spring'. For no other reason than that joy when you can stop wearing clothes, and where it actually didn't snow the night before. And when you're excited for all the out-doorsy activities you will do that year. But really, every season is fantastic.
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    I love the cold environment, holidays, and snow. (and ice is ok as long as it's not on the roads)

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    winter i love the cold
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    Consider this philosophical question: If Blizz fails, but noone is there to see it. Will there still be QQ?

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    autumn, the earth looks the best in this season. I mean , the nature's colors are really beautifull here

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    Fall and Spring are my 2 favorite seasons. Mostly because I love the rain. :3

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    yeah, i was definitely going to say season 3... dat nostalgia =/

    but with the given options, i'm gonna go with spring (though i like autumn nearly just as much).
    winter is too cold and stuff and all the snow everywhere makes things rather impractical (i do like snow in general though) and summer is just too hot, especially in my little apartment that can't really be cooled if it's hot outside..

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    Winter? what the hell....

    Damn snow EVERYWHERE, cold as hell, pretty much no daylight to speak of, have to wear ridiculous amount of clothes when you for some reason have to go outside....ughhh..

    Summer, ahhhhhh <3<3<3

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