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    I would go with Kreia, who could beat a 3 lightsabers wearing blind witch?
    Quote Originally Posted by conscript View Post
    Ya fault should lie pretty squarely on LucasArts for that, and many, many other poor gaming choices. Had Obsidian had time to finish the game, put in the missing chunks they had already made like the Hk factory, and actually been able to iron out the bugs that plagued that game it would have been absolutely phenomenal. I'm still not 100% sure what happens at the end of that game exactly since my copy of the game jumps through the cutscenes an conversations in the last part at about 800% speed.

    I also blame LucasArts for the QTEs that ruined TFU 1 and 2. QTEs seem like something George Lucas would love as it forces the game's kills into exactly the vision of the creator. I'm just glad Lucas was busy messing with the Star Wars Blu-Ray adding in "NOOOOOOOO" wherever he deemed it appropriate rather than pushing Bioware to rush SWTOR. (And yes I realize he probably doesn't control that aspect of LA, at least directly).
    Lucasart been having financial problem for the last 6 years, i know for a fact that they had to change QA to a more cheap one in the last 3 years and layoff 3/4 of their employees. Which at the same time affect the work for my QA company, been having difficulty since than.
    I wont even get on Battlefront 3...


    ^ "Chris Avellone Interview". Retrieved 2008-09-04. "I do wish there had been more time and I wished I had had more time to work on the end game, and that was my fault.
    Not Obsidian fault.
    Still had a 85% on Metacritic anyway

    Played the Force unleashed: sith edition, was awesome, played the second one and was disgusted at the 4-6 hours gametime, lucky i never paid for it. Still waiting for my Imperial Commando game.
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