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    How 4.3 Azshara should have looked like

    I edited a few things to the model and this is what I got:
    She now has silver/greyish hair and golden eyes. Also changed her haircut and added a crown and earrings
    to the original design.
    Next to that I updated my previous model (which was based on the blood elf model) to this design of Blizzard.

    Check out my youtube for more of my stuff!

    Check out my youtube for more of my stuff!
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    I guess your a blizzard art designer who wanted Azshara to look like this, but Metzen forced otherwise :[ nice work bro.

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    I don't like that, at all.

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    I somewhat approve.

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    So azshara is a prostitute with a hat fetish?

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    Regardless of taste, this is very well done, good job.
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    Hat is a little over the top, and a tad bit too much skin showing, but I like the concept you were going for and the overall design.

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    I like your first screenshot, but the second just looks really obnoxious imo.
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    Nicely done armor, agreed, but yeah...I personally don't think it fits Azshara as much.

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    I do not actually like it , Looks to Flashy , and so Mayaish

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    I agee, Azhara is such a big lore character, and they made her and the whole dungeon look like something out from vanilla together with some random objects taken from different tile sets.
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    i am impressed, i don't like it an awful lot, i just like it, but that are some incredibly impressive things you've done there

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    That looks amazing, great work.
    Azshara was rather plain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warchief94 View Post
    I guess your a blizzard art designer who wanted Azshara to look like this, but Metzen forced otherwise :[ nice work bro.
    OP - that model is awesome. much more in keeping with the vain Azshara from lore than the plain Jane Blizz is giving us.

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    I don't get what's wrong with her current model.
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    second one with all the gold and skin is bleh. that's just my taste in women coming to the fore tho. I can appreciate how good it is!!

    the first one is amazingly cool. nuff sed.
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    i like the first one, but the second one is a little over the top, with the string of gold covering the nipple and the hat that makes the pope's hat frown.
    i hate people who say this is horrible and that your work is ugly, because its far from it, and they cant do a fraction of what you can do, keep it up pal, earn them subs on the youtubez

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    Very nice work. I don't really care for the model itself (mostly the hat and the amount of skin showing) but I cannot deny that it is very well made regardless of personal tastes.

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    Speechless... for all of your work.
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    Use more cloth, less slutty plate.

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