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    Season 11 Weapon Models

    So as I promise I did the PvP Season 11 Weapon Models. And honestly I think I lost precious time, could play Diablo beta instead of datamining this junk that Blizzard made. Wonder why they made so good looking PvE items and didn't make some good looking pvp ones.

    Thanks to Also <3

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    That 2h sword looks like that Polearm from Ubrs, just more badass.
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    time well spent imo, they actually look halfway decent

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    Pretty cool models.
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    Well that was underwhelming, I expected so much after the great tier and season sets.

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    Do want.

    Sword looks perfect for a dk.

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    Do my eyes deceive me? A Thrown that isn't just a small butter knife?

    Overall, pretty nice models, ranging from decent to quite awesome.
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    the shield is the only good looking item. Its still early, so they'll probably do some more touch ups.
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    Is it just me, or does the Shield look the best of the "weapons"

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    the 2h sword ad mace are awesome, axe looks like a normal axe, red 1h sword looks nice too

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    They have a new model guy they hired right? I think was mentioned on the PVP set stuff. REALLY good job on these weapons. As said, the sword is a winner. I like the 1H maces too.
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    Shield is awesome looking, I kind of like that gun too with the scope and the green beam coming out of it. The wand is kind of cool as well, other stuff is kind of meh.

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    Looks nice.

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    Love the 2-handed sword, the polearm, all three ranged weapons, the shield, staff1, sword2, and dagger2. The only really disappointing one is staff2, which looks kinda off at the top. The shield and sword2 are going to look fantastic with Paladin S11.

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    All looks good to me. And like other people were saying, that shield looks sweet.

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    To be honest, I like them.

    To me PvP weapons are not about super cool looks. They are about showing you're an excellent pvp-er.
    That said, these weapons look fit for someone who has been in his service for his/her faction and is a brutal slaughterer.

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    That 2hander. Fuck yes.
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    I wonder how the shield will look with s11 pally set.

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    Mace is exactly the same as the ruthless one, and as a hpal i have to use it...FML 2h weps are cool though.
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    Is it just me, or does the Shield look the best of the "weapons"
    i completely agree
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