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    A while ago I played a super long Viegar game, at the end I had 5 AA's and 1 Rabadons, had so much AP, it was over 2000 and the game was 73 minutes long, oh and their team comp was; Mao, Cass, Viegar, Trynd and Sona. My ult could 1 hit almost anyone of them, it was so much fun

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    Trolled a Dominion as Yi with nothing but Lightbringers.

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    Kassadin with 4 Hextech Gunblades, Lichbane and Boots.
    Didn't work well (enough), wont do it again

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    Had a game where everyone on the team got smite and teleport. Then we all built Boots of Mobility + Wriggles and then just stack zeals/phantom dancers. We just roamed around, instakilled dragon/baron when they spawned and had a lot of fun

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    Guys, just saying, AD works on everyone...

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    Wards. Wards everywhere.

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    I don't know if it counts, but.. After losing a few games in a row, I get really cross. So I usually just walk away from the computer, for the rest of the game. I know that by doing so, I ruin the game for everyone else, but I truly don't care. And so one time, when I had recently started playing and I was level 8 or something, I played with my level 30 friend and met high level opponents. I kind of knew what I was doing, somewhat, but our opponents were really good and I, unfortuately, ended up feeding some. Aaaand for some reason, I actually forgot to buy boots. Don't ask me how; I don't know. Anyhow. We had lost a few games prior to that and so when a random teammate bashed me for feeding and for not having boots, I pressed B, sold everything I had, bought six pairs of boots and stayed in spawn for the rest of the game, not even alt-tabbing. I just sat there, sometimes I ran around, at the end I tried upgrading to all different kinds of boots, but I can't remember if I could afford it.

    I tend to do stuff like this from time to time, and the thing is, it can be seen as a tactical move. Just think about it: I bought the boots he wanted me to buy and, most importantly, I quit feeding. Of course I got reported for it, but I did what he wanted me to do and I had a laugh.
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    AD janna, with manume and hextech was decent for a while

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    Tried Mundo with -abillity cooldown gear.... thinking I was gonna range rape everybody.... boy that didn't work as planned

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    With Vladimir, boots, Spirit Visage, Rabadon, and 3x Warmog's. Actually did pretty well.

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    well not really rediculous but the fact that i got it was. built 5 archangel staves and one rabadons got to like 1400 ap? and did the same on tryn but i built 6 bloodthirsters instead. it was retarded lol never died cuz id heal 400s on mele swings and if i got focusd i could pop my heal and ulti. prolly woulda worked out better if it was 5 bloodthirsters and a phantom for the crit and AS.

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    When kassa's w wasn't reworked:
    Max W.
    Rush Wit's end.
    Get more AS and AS-dmg, like madred's and SoD.
    ---> win.

    High AS, every hit drains 5% of the enemies max-mana and also flat 42.
    Imagine that with 2.x AS.
    10%+84 mana every second gone.
    The death for everyone. ^^

    You were no killer, but got flamed like hell, when they were always oom, rendering a freekill for your team. :3

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    when i first started out i played master yi and i did all stingers lol

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    AP Teemo, while it's viable. It's just ridic.

    Shroom minefield = atleast 1 death.

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    Tri-Role Taric. You build all three roles and works incredible well. Like funnest thing ever.

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    Most ridiculous build i have ever done would have to be crittlesticks. so funny when you can actually autoattack crit people to death on a caster. people get MAD too. so its funny when it works out.

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    My friends and I made Smurf accounts. We felt horrible because we (normally level 30s) were playing level 1 accounts and winning really hard. We only played one game as these accounts... and we all of us got 6 Rageblades. It was kinda awesome. Brand with 6 Rageblades? 'twas awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duilliath View Post
    Warwick w/

    Stark's Fervor
    Emblem of Valour x2
    Spirit Visage
    That's my exact build every time I play 3v3. Works so well :3

    Mine would have to be:
    Dominion Poppy with:
    Boots of mobility
    Phantom dancerx4

    DUNKIN' LIKE A BAWS. Charge them off turret, deva blow them, sprint away, if they follow turn round and rape face, otherwise move onto the next turret.
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    AD Heimer. It wins games, and I don't even know how.
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    AS Vayne in dominion end game is pretty fucking strong imo, it's my second pick if akali get's taken/banned.
    Berzerker's Treads.
    Kitae's Bloodrazor
    Sword of the Divine
    Ionic Spark
    Emblem of Valor
    2.5 Attack speed.
    8% extra damage every three attacks from your W.
    7.5% extra damage every three attacks from Kitae's Bloodrazor.
    Using that information we can decipher that you need to perform 19 attacks maximum to kill someone.(although it would more likely be around the 5-10 mark due to the physical damage from your auto attack, and bonus damage from your Q, E & R. as well).
    At 2.5 attacks a second, that's 2-4 seconds of attacking to kill someone. Combined with the knockback from your E, you can physically kill someone before they even reach you or have chance to react.

    Note: i can't be bothered to theorycraft the ionic proc, lifesteal from EoV or the AP bonus from SotD either. If someone want's to, they can but it's out of my mathematical skills :P
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